ode to a memory… or how i’ll choose to remember it

March 11, 2012

today we went adventuring. we danced over the clouds

of our greatest laments, then walked through

the tallest of weeds, taller than our

grandest deeds.

and i read Plath to you

and you read Parland to me

and then

we read

each other.

we sat on tree stumps, picked buttercups and

flicked off the flies. we pulled off burrs from

each other’s hair and laughed when our

clothes got caught on loose

branches and laughed when

we stumbled on words

and laughed when you

lifted my skirt

and i pinched

your nipples

and plucked

your nads.

and we laughed

and laughed

at the absurdity of it all.

we talked about everything we loved and everything

we didn’t love and we just sat and sat and said

nothing for a long long time

and relished the silence.




in the silence.

© PAZ 2012

3 Responses to “ode to a memory… or how i’ll choose to remember it”

  1. saradraws said

    I am quite impressed that you worked “nads” into this seamlessly.

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