NaPoWriMo Día 21: A Dirty Senryu for You

April 21, 2012

An erect penis!
In snow-caped hands, it quivers.
Impish grins breathless.

© Paz

16 Responses to “NaPoWriMo Día 21: A Dirty Senryu for You”

  1. the howler and me said

    oh so dirty 🙂 love it.

  2. sonofwalt said

    cool! (see what I did there?)

    • PAZ said

      yes i do see! ha. got your wits above me.

      • sonofwalt said

        tee hee. Seriously, or not so seriously. I’m glad I found your writing tonight. Nice little bright spot after finishing my own for the evening. 🙂

        • PAZ said


          I’ll have to check yours out! I keep procrastinating on WP today though (when don’t i?).

          • sonofwalt said

            Well, I thought I was taking an easier route by not committing to writing a poem a day, but to stepping up my game on my YouTube channel to reading, and producing a video of a poem a day. Wow, It takes a few hours out of every day to do it, but I’m loving it. It’s more work than I anticipated, but also more fun than I expected.

  3. Kyle said

    wow – that’s hot – or is ‘hot’ the right word? impish definitely is 😉

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