A Pictar of a Painting and the Mouse UnMASKED

April 24, 2012

I decided to take a break from not working and upload that picture (look at previous post). Unfortunately, it turns out I only took a picture of the other painting. See, the painting came in a pair of two like peas in a pod or soybeans or Polly Pockets. Hold up, did Polly Pocket ever come in pairs? I don’t know. I never owned one! Always had to play with a friend’s Polly Pocket. P never got her Polly.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. This is the picture I took in February. I’m still going to see if I have the painting that goes with the poem I wrote. This one is very much like it, only there are no pregnant women and no graveyards. You can’t see it in the picture because the lamp hides it, but the dead fella has a Modelo  in his right hand (my favorite beer when I used to drink). The other painting that completes this pair only has the dead fella with a guitar.

He’s in a room with another skeleton lady only, like I’d said, she’s not pregnant and rather thin. They’re both in a really dingy kitchen with untouched fruits and two mice are below the table where the empty Modelo bottles are. The dead lady is looking at the “nameless” man who’s holding the guitar and she has her index and middle finger held out towards him–agh, it’s no use trying to describe it. I’ll just find it.

In the meantime, enjoy this one if you care to. It was painted by an artist from Texas who L and I never knew the name of, probably Frankie since all Franciscos automatically become Frankies, or maybe it was a Jose or something. I vaguely remember a J or an F in the signature. You can’t really tell with signatures. Anyway, we gave it the title “The Death of Me”. Well, L gave it that title because he’d gotten the painting from his estranged millionaire brother after his estranged millionaire brother’s brand new wife told him she hated seeing them–the pair of paintings–on the wall, so he gave them to L. I guess newlywed wife didn’t get the humor in them and probably thought they were blasphemous or something.

Then, as I was looking for the painting I really intended to post, which was a little to the left on that wall, I found these old pictures. Actually, I know for a fact I took pictures of that painting, if not that day, then definitely back in the day. I took several pictures of it. I just don’t know where they could be right now. I loved it so much. Hopefully, who ever inherited it (probably L’s sister) likes it as much as I do.

© Paz 2012

Right, the other pictures I found. And these will be the only pictures you will see of me in this blog. Oh and maybe this one and this one too because I’m conceited.

This one came with a Senryu/Haiku poem:
Hello, I welcome
you to the wonderful world
of my vagina!

me at the university
me at the university sometime in 2009, ugh look at hose bland walls.

Guys, come on, that’s not a real vagina. Bet you can’t guess what it really is? If you can, I’ll give you an award.

I try my best to stick with my promises. 🙂


22 Responses to “A Pictar of a Painting and the Mouse UnMASKED”

  1. Millie Ho said

    I was going to guess “some kind of computer effect”, but maybe you can clue me in!

    • PAZ said

      Ok. I’ll give you two clues, but only because I like your paintings. First clue is it was taken in the MacbookPro when they first came out with that Photobooth thing as a freebie, so yes it’s an effect but not one I created. Second clue is that it IS a body part I own, but it’s not a vagina.

  2. Millie Ho said

    Hmmm. Is it above or below the waist?

  3. It’s an albino horse eye flipped vertical.

  4. the howler and me said

    An ear? a nostril?
    Oh i dunno… it certainly looks like a vagina.

  5. I really love that picture, especially as it looks sepia. Is that a photo effect? Was it orignally in colour?
    Also, I wanted to say mouth, but I’m too late. But I like the shenanegans pictures. I think your BIG EYES are BEAUTIFUL!!! I still think we should start a massive eyes club.
    Lots of love HS xoxox

    • PAZ said

      Yes, it’s a sepia I did in Photoshop but you know, now that I think about it, it takes away from the colorfulness and vibrant feel of the original which I think adds meaning to it since it’s all these dead people in this super colorful scenery, you know? heheh

      And thanks! Yeah, I forgot to tell you last time that I’m down for a massive eyes club. It’s the only part of my physical appearance that I like.


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