Bagahghagh WordPress, What Did You Do? OR What Did I Do?

April 26, 2012

I just LOST my Lorna in cyberspace, parts 3 and 4. I want to punch the screen. But I won’t. I don’t want to break my other arm. Besides, this is not my computer. My laptop is broken (not because I punched it guys, don’t get wrong ideas), has been for a week and I’m just not bothering.

I didn’t think I’d do another meaningless post like this but… do any of you know how to recover previously saved versions of drafted posts? Again, I was writing Lorna’s story and then I saved and boom it disapeared. Now when I click preview it’s just a few lines. ALL the rest I wrote is gone. GONE.

Ah, I shouldn’t even be writing poetry right now; I should be editing this guy’s picture and watching this boring wedding video, looking for editing errors and such.

I hate weddings!

(at this moment i do)

I’m going to go look at the WP support forums, but only after I get through this wedding. *crabby face*

Maybe I’ll go for a walk first.

Yeah, a walk in my wheelchair…

addendum: What’s ironic is I usually write these poems out on paper, bit and chunks at least, then on Word but I didn’t with Lorna. 😦 Le sigh

addendum 2: Before I go for real this time. I decided to humor myself  a little. This is me right now only I’m screaming “Looooooornaaaaaa. Looooooornaaaaaa. Looooooornaaaaaa”:

Don’t ask me why it’s in Italian. I couldn’t find an English version.

addendum 3: LOL. I think I’m cracking. This is it. I’m done for. It’s IN SPANISH! HOW COULD I NOT RECOGNIZE MY OWN LANGUAGE? ITALIAN? HAHAH. ROMANIAN? NO PAZ, NO. IT’S IN FUCKIN SPANISH. SPA-N-ISH. Just like Lorna was.


And I’m out.


7 Responses to “Bagahghagh WordPress, What Did You Do? OR What Did I Do?”

  1. the howler and me said

    Watching crap-ass icky wedding videos and editing pictures is I think the problem…. it kinda makes you go batty… or something ??

    (can you tell I don’t like weddings?)

    • PAZ said

      Bleh. Yes, weddings suck bawls. hehe. I have not finished watching the wedding but I’m nearly done with the photo. I’m doing a photo restoration for one of my dad’s friend’s co-workers. I actually love doing those type of photo edits. It’s like painting almost. Say if the eye is stained or blurred by wear and tear, then you just have to re-create it which is a challenge but if you have the techniques and are good at things like drawing, then you got it. Plus, it’s really relaxing, even theraputic for me to just focus on details of things, fringes on shirts, cheeckbone shadows, etc.

      On the other hand weddings depress and bore me and bleugh. ha. I’m pretty good at editing, or so my bro says. And to think if my brother follows through with this and starts giving me editing work, i’ll have to edit wedding after wedding after wedding… aaah.

      Just as I was ready for my walk, my mom’s friend called her to invite us to the gym, so I swam and swam until my arm hurt and until I was sure my belly was full of chlorine and water.

      Hope your garden is growing!


      • the howler and me said

        Believe it or not, I have a hard time actually sitting down and editing my own photos… I love taking them, I just never follow truth on sprucing them up.

        I have never heard it explained like that before… perhaps if I look at it as more of an art project I could actually get some of them done 🙂

        mmmm chlorine – yummy

        I hope the garden stays growing… there was a freeze warning here last night. I had to bring in everything I haven’t planted yet. AND the flowers in their pots… We didn’t get frost… but I worry.

        I had to break out my winter hat and jacket to walk the howler last night….I am such a wuss!


  2. I have had that happen to me after writing a long post… it only saved a few lines and the rest had unmagically disappeared. I realized my problem was internet failure… it had disconnected at just the right/wrong moment. 😦

  3. Yeah mine has always been due to internet failure too 😦 sorry you lost Lorna parts 3 and 4 😦 I was going to ask the other day if you typed them straight on the computer or whether you wrote on paper first!!
    Love and besos
    HS xox

    • PAZ said

      Sailor, yeah, looks like I’ll have to re-create my Lorna. At least I have the basic story down in my head.
      Love and besos back

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