A Dotty Award! F to the U to the C to the K to the YES

April 28, 2012

I got the three bins of brilliance award today by Dear Dotty and I’m going to hog it all to myself unless you say something brilliant or funny–because if it’s funny then it’s brilliant.



Think about it hater!

Be funny and I’ll openly share it with you. I’m not that selfish. Remember, just be funny though.

And I’m out for the day…


17 Responses to “A Dotty Award! F to the U to the C to the K to the YES”

  1. I think the Dotty Headbanger’s one of the most prestigious awards you could possibly EVER EVER get!

  2. wear your bins with pride!

    • PAZ said

      you get one for being funny! shh, don’t let anyone know. (does this mean i get the sneaky fucker award too? i mean does this count as being a sneaky fucker?) 😉

      • don’t tell anyone, but anyone who is sneaky enough to OPENLY ASK ME is very welcome to consider themselves as sneaky as you like. after all, it takes a special kind of sneak to be out in the open.

        since your sneakiness is part bare faced pure and simple, and part award based, you may take your pick. take the classic weasel or the newly minted laughing fox for your collection.

        also, you may, as a recipient, award others for sneakyfuckery. let me know if you do, just so i can link to them. and admire whatever sneaking they have done.

  3. Thank you for passing this along. 🙂 I guess I passed the funny test. If my posts are put in the recycle bin that is a good thing, means I’m gettin’ somewhere.

  4. Oh crappy, CONGRATULATIONS to YOU. (I must make my own badge, OMA, Occasionally Mindless Award)

  5. Seriously this is grand (taking a bow) aw…
    Thank you with exciting hugs : )

  6. I want one! Bipolarmuse gave me the Versatile Blogger Award, where you have to disclose 7 random bits about yourself. One of my random bits is that I can move from educated American to harsh Boston to pure Karachi to breezy Manchester accents flawlessly and seamlessly. While note amusing in itself (although I also admitted to actively listening to disco, that may count), a friend once insisted I use the Karachi accent while going through the drive-thru at the local coffee chain (Dunkin’ Donuts). So I order for myself, my friend, & our lot of offspring in the back, so that we can all really have to pee in an hour when we get to the beach. The guy at the other end is INDIAN! I was afraid I might have a war on my hands, but even when we got up to the window to pay and collect our caffeine, I maintained my accent, as if I grew up in Karachi instead of just having so many Pakistani clients that their accent somehow worked itself into my brain instead of the slightly more liltish Indian accent, or any Asian accent, or any of the other foreign nationals I work with every day. My Indian barista was non-plussed as I spoke and everyone else in the car giggled shamelessly.

    I don’t know why I use the accents, just shift into them sometimes, if I have to put one of my kids or a colleague in their place it just comes off as less abrasive if you use an accent, if I drink I seem to automatically veer into Manchester territory (again, why that part of the UK, that dialect? WTF? must be part of my mental illness), a fellow from Glasgow once sat down beside me & a friend at a lounge, which happened to be founded by the English 200 years ago in Plymouth Colony, he had a woman with him, & my friend, whose dad is also from Glasgow, said to me “He’s a Scot, he’s going to call you out.” I used the ladies room & came back & my friend was chatting with them. As soon as I sat down, the fellow asked me what part of the UK I was from. I said “Boston.” He thought he had offended me. Still, I couldn’t even FORCE the accent to go, so while I’m saying “no, really, I’m a local, I just have a useless talent for accents” he’s looking at me trying to figure out which of us is the crazy one…

    Funny? Perhaps, it was at the time. Brilliant? You decide. Oh, & I’m following your brand of blogging now. Your brand being Clever. Well, I’m following your blog. Only been at it a month, but you’re as clever as I’ve come across. In fact, I haven’t come across anything quite as clever thus far. So, thank you!

    And in my finest Manchester: Cheers, luv, you’re a diamond.

    • PAZ said

      MagicallyMad, are you humoring me?

      Well, shit, that’s about the best humoring I’ve had all day! The jury is up then, I’ll consider giving you the three bins brilliance award (Dotty Award, mind you). Normally, I’ve been whoring these awards, you know, giving them out easily, but not this one. So just give me a minute to decide, because this was quite funny. And as you see, one of my requirements is just that.

      I’m terrible with accents. Except.

      Wait, wait… there are exceptions.

      I’m latina, so I can do a wonderful Emmy-Golden-Globe-Academy-Award-winning-wet-bag-just-crossed-the-border Spanish accent. In fact, I can do it so well, that I don’t even realize I’m doing it sometimes! Even though I grew up here and have no accent at all (well, I have the American English accent, but that’s not a true accent), I go from perfect English to “hey, man jew no what i is talkeein abaw?”. Actually that looks more like a Jamaican accent. I’m terrible at writing accents down on paper and computer screens. Anyway, accents are hella hard to imitate. The only other two accents I’m quite good at are French and Indian (I can’t distinguish the various Indian variations so you got me there). The only reason why I can do the French so well is because a lot of the influx in vowels are identical to the Spanish accent, plus I took three years of French in college. I can also do the ghetto and ebonics accent pretty damn well. Much like the Spanish accent, it is my second nature but that’s probably because I grew up in the semi-ghetto. The Indian is probably because there are a lot of Indians in Houston, nearly as much as Latinos. So there you go, I thought I’d share my accentry with you too. Though I’ll have to say the damn Bell’s Palsy has ruined some of these accents for me.

      Alright, jury is up. I think your story made me chuckle just enough to earn the award. Yes it is EARNED, not like some of these other awards that are just given away. I’m glad you got me here. Congrats Miss Accents Lady!

      Oh and please don’t make me blush so much by saying I’m clever. I have a big head already and you know what happens with us borderlines when we get flattered too much.

      Thank you for the funniness and sweetness! I hope you enjoy my kind as much as I enjoyed your comment.

      So you ARE from Boston, as in U.S.A Boston? My mind is a bit muddled at the moment.

      • Well, you have plenty of ethnic affects to work with, employ them to their utmost (trickery, insult, mortally wound, charm). Yes, I’m from Boston, although when DSS captured me and sent me to the suburbs I dropped my accent & the rest of my Lace-Curtain-Irish (Boston-white-trash) identity and created a new one, thereby creating Borderline, deliberately if haplessly. So if I drop all of the affect, most of which has become entirely natural, I sound like Matt Damon in ‘Good Will Hunting’. Do you like that one?

        So, thanks to the Muse for the referral to you, thanks to you for the opportunity to tell a dumb story and win a unique award (the barrels remind me of Jaws, I think I’m going to have to make the suggestion that a shark be added to the graphic. Or maybe create my own award that is somehow shark related), & thank you to Dotty for the hysterical post on the creation of said award. A most amusing night at a most unamusing mental moment.

        Psyched about your blog, I love this place, every day I find something new to blow off work for, there is so much quality here. Hugs!

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