NaPoWriMo Día 30: Pavlov’s Dog, A Haiku

April 30, 2012

I remember when
Pavlov’s bell rang. Salivate.
Poor conditioned dog.

© Paz


Today’s prompt is to write a poem that begins with the line, “I remember when.”

On Saturday, I spent the day with just myself and the dogs; my dad was out shooting a wedding and my mom was assisting him. My cellphone rang and Luna and her daddy started barking and jumping towards the front door.


7 Responses to “NaPoWriMo Día 30: Pavlov’s Dog, A Haiku”

  1. Love it!! Really clever 😀
    Love HS xox

    • PAZ said

      Don’t you just love dogs Sailor?
      I admit though Luna’s daddy can get on my nerves. He’s a vicious little dog, very unlike Luna. But it’s not his fault. My parents raised him the way they raised ME. lol. That’s why I told you that one time that I wish Luna were all mine so I could raise her the way I want. My dad’s always giving her greasy human foods and it pisses me off ’cause she’s getting fat. He gives her pork skin and bones and all this shit…

      Luna’s vicious daddy hurts my ears too, which makes me rage. And if there’s anything in this world that I tend to have more patience with is dogs and animals. But not with Niko, her daddy. I swear, I have to restrain myself sometimes ’cause his constant yapping makes me want to smack him. *le sigh*

      lol. end mini rant.

      beso xoxoxxx

      • Haha, poor Niko, small dogs are the yappiest though, even I loose my temper in kennels sometimes, and it is always with the high pitched yelping, but I do just love them too!! Waggy tails make me so happy. I can’t wait to have my own dog and have waggy tails on tap. For now I put up with other peoples dogs waggy tails, but it makes all the difference.
        I’ve always said if I had a tail I’d wag it because it looks like fun. I bet life would be so much simpler being a dog, so long as you had a nice owner.
        And tut-tut human foods for animals. That’s the worst thing to tell a Vet or Vet Nurse 😉 Tell him Nurse Carrie says “NO!”.
        Love and besos
        HS xox

        • PAZ said

          lol. I always wag my tail at my family to just act silly. I’ll say, “See, I can be sweet like Luna too” Aw, I’m like a kid sometimes. And yes, “the high pitched yelping” is what I HATE about Niko. See, Luna is actually smaller than him (probably five or six pounds, so like 2.5 kilos?) but she’s got a much deeper growl and bark than he does. He sounds like a whistle going off and it makes my already jittery nerves flare up. She, on the other hand, sounds like a dog three times her size! lol. So if she yelps, I can tolerate it more.

          I haven’t told you this. But when I was a kid, I always said I wanted to be a pianist or a veterinarian nurse.

          Also get this, he feeds them all this junk like cheese cake and potatoe chips which I guess in your part of the world are called crisps or crispies. Then they start begging for more and he YELLS at them and shoos them and stomps his feet at them. But then he calls them back for the pork skins. Uuuuggh. No wonder I’m the way I am. Though, I admit, I don’t blame my parents for my mental problems (not most of them at least, some of them yes).

          I keep telling him that Luna’s chest is getting fat and that she may get clogged arteries when she’s older, but do you think he listens to me?

          I’ll try and tell him Nurse Carrie said so, but I doubt he’ll listen still.

          And yes, when I look at Luna, I often wish I had her simple little life (minus the pork skins)…

          love y besos

        • Haha I’ll have to practice wagging my tail 😀 I think it’s good to be a kid sometimes, I know I can get really geeky when I’m in a good mood.
          I wonder if it’s a girl dog thing to have deeper voices? I know loads of little girls that have deeper barks than boys. I guess it’s just like people having differnt voices.
          Eww, pork skins :S There is a fat labrador where I work who gets a pigs nose with her dinner every day. But yes they will get clogged arteries, be more prone to diabetes, arthritis and heart problems if they are fat!
          Anyway, you inspired me to find a tattooed guy and a pomeranian, I don’t think I did that well, but I did find one 🙂

          Love y besos!!! nite nite!!

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