Found a nice photography blog and feel a bit hypomanic and impulsive, so…

May 4, 2012

I was looking up blogs on mental health related topics and BPD and I came across this:

Broken Light: A Photography Collective, a WordPress blog of “photographers living with, or affected by, mental illness; supporting each other one photograph at a time.”

Mental photographers!

How saweet is that?


May is mental health awareness month, so I submitted two photos I took of Eloise’s sister when I was in Florida back in December-January. Why would I do that? Validation? Sharing? Release? Caring? Impulsive? Maybe? No? Why? Ah, it doesn’t matter.

I’m kind of regretting doing that though. Why? Insecure? Self-doubt? Ah, it doesn’t matter.

I’m not a photographer! I’m an amateur everything. But I did grow up around photography all my life because of my dad (although he had to leave the photography for many years to to work as a janitor and other random dead-end, low wage jobs after we migrated to the States).

But I was so excited to have found such a blog!

Then I decided to add a “photography” page on my Shenanigans collection. Here.


What the hell am I doing?

Oh, I’ll tell you what I’ma do. I’m going to add some of my photo restorations on my new photography page and maybe someone will have a photo for me to restore? Maybe? (Well, I already know about yours Jill ;))

Mouse needs money to pay more shit to the Department of Homeland Security before I.C.E.–that’s Immigration Customs Enforcement for you Brits and Aussies–arrests her. Mouse also needs money to pay the Bill Collector Mafia before they show up at her door with two shotguns. I no longer suspect they’ll be breaking my neck. That would be too easy. That may be a good thing as I’ve said before, but then again, it would mean no more mouse sketches for you.

It sucks that money makes this society go, but it is what it is. And P and Mouse don’t like to beg, so here’s our way of begging.

Mouse’s credentials:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications – Media Production, minors in English and Interdisciplinary Art
  • Shitload of hours retouching photographs since the tender age of ten.
  • Portfolio available upon request; some samples will be placed in the “photography” page of this here blog. However, because of the semi-anonymous nature of this blog, I cannot show you my personal portfolio website because it is currently stored under a borrowed domain name owned by my university, but I do assure you all work that I share with you is mine.
  • View sample of work here.

Commissions/Contract work for further discussion can be emailed to:


I don’t do business with those that abuse workers! I’m more business savvy, more paranoid and less naive now that some old Colombian fucker tried to rob me of my work in Orlando. (Don’t think I don’t know who/where you are arsehole.) Thanks to that fucker, I have standard procedures for doing business now.

Nothing will be completed/handed in without a prior signed contract, deposit, payment arrangement (such as PayPal), etc. I like to be fair and reasonably ethical, therefore I will treat your photos as I would treat my own. *Prices will only be discussed once serious contact has been made, like “ET phone home” serious*

I, mouse, would love to work for/with you. (Don’t mind her dirty mouth, she’s a hard worker.)

Think about it.

*Le mouse squeal*


15 Responses to “Found a nice photography blog and feel a bit hypomanic and impulsive, so…”

  1. That’s a good idea. What are your rates, Mouse?

    • PAZ said

      Mouse will discuss rates upon seeing photo, etc… They range anywhere from 50 U.S. dollars to 300 U.S. dollars. It depends on the size of the photo (if it’s so tiny that you have to get a magnifying glass to see it, then it will cost more, like somewhre in the range 400 U.S. dollars). All of this is a guesstimate until mouse sees photo. Mouse works with comfortable/flexible payment plans.

      Also, I’m putting one of my restorations jobs from two years ago up right now so you can get an idea. It was one I did for a university cafeteria lady because I used to hustle like that sometimes.


  2. What a great idea Mouse! Restoring photos… Brilliant. Many people have old pictures laying around, in need of a little help. You should put an add on some of the ancestry websites. Your photos are beautiful. Really love the baby pink ballerina shoes. Yum yum.

    • PAZ said

      Ooooh. Ancestry websites? I’d never thought about that. I’d given up with Craigslist. Actually, I got depressed, you know, and just didn’t even bother with the Craiging anymore. But now I’m back in the game, I hope… I think… I need to be before I get shot by Bill Collector Mafia or ICE. 😉

      Thank you!! 🙂 I’m just a newbie. I wish I could’ve put more but I don’t want to reveal her pretty face.

      The shoes are like bubble gum huh?

      I’ll start googling some of these Ancestry sites… Thanks for the idea

  3. A great mental health blog I follow is A Friend to Yourself

  4. Wow, your restorations are amazing, I’d love to know how you do it, but then you’d have to share your secrets and amazingness with the world.
    I love the ballet shots too. Kind of make me want to start prancing about the house in a tutu……..
    love y besos!!
    HS xox

    • PAZ said

      Hey hey Sailor! Thanks! It’s the only thing I can say I’m an expert at with confidence. 🙂

      I’m not kidding about the whole doing it since i was ten thing. Only then I did it to practice.

      Which is why I’m telling myself, there’s no need for me to be this broke if I can do so much right?

      Love y besos

    • PAZ said

      p.s. Can only share secrets in private. Look what I found:

      I’ll have to brush up on my business side which is what I hate to do. Also, I doubt anyone will actually contract me on here but it’s a nice thing to share. 🙂

      • I think it’s nice to share, that’s the only reason why I do the stupid questionairre/award things because it’s interesting to find out random things about people. Not in a weird stalkerish kind of way…..
        I will go and have a look at the link…..

  5. My inbox is overflowing, so let me know what e-m address I might hear from you at & I will send you some pics. The pics are actually in great condition, what I would love to know is whether they can be enlarged for purposes of displaying/framing them. Will send a few your way once I hear from you. Can you do that from just a photo/no negative? Purrs, & thanks for link, what a wonderful idea, BPD photo blog! Yay!
    Hugs, j

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