Hooray, Phuckin A, It’s Wishbone Day!

May 5, 2012

As many of you may already know, I have brittle bones disease which is scientifically called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). As a result, I’ve broken roughly 100 bones in my life, stopped counting after 70. I was born, or rather already had 17 fractures before leaving the womb.

Infants with type II OI, the most severe type, generally die from a collapsed lung, pneumonia or heart complications because the rib cage is so frail. Some die during birth or are stillborn with disconnected spinal and cranial bones.

I have type III, so I’m a little stronger than those with type II and fortunately, I can walk short distances while holding on to things. I mainly use a wheelchair, however, I do have a walker and would like to get crutches. Type I is the most common and also the least severe (I know, it’s funny how these are all out of order, you’d think type I would be the most severe).

Anyway, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll remember that I wrote a post titled “Hooray, Phuckin A It’s Rare Disease Day!” and well, this is my promise of updating on the “awareness day” for OI. See, I do keep my promises! Some at least.

Now, I’m not going to place any links or any such things on here because chances are you won’t click (no offense) and I understand and don’t blame you because considering how many good blogs are out there, how crazy and fast paced life is, there’s just not enough time to read up on these things, especially some depressing disease. Who wants to know about diseases? They’re fuckin’ depressing man!

Really though, it’s not that bad. (HAAA, yeah, sure P). No, it’s not. I mean it’s not lethal like cancer or anything… wait… type II… nevermind. The case is, I’m going to keep my OI brothers and sisters in mind today.

As of today I’m also going to make a commitment to write more about chronic illness/disease and its relationship to mental illness (though I don’t like to use the term “mental illness” much). Anyway, there is a huge comorbidity there folks. For example, it’s no surprise major depressive disorders (MDD) are more common in a sample population of people with a chronic illness than in an otherwise “healthy” population. This to me, shows a high relationship with the psychosocial aspect of mental health.


So here’s to the little OI kids with little mangled bones all around the world! Keep on truckin’ little ones! Keep on! Keep on!

Wishbone Day is May 6th. It is held internationally in various cities to raise awareness and funds for Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
for more info visit http://www.wishboneday.com or


addendum: Yous guys ever heard of the film Unbreakable directed by M. Night Shyamalan? Well, this Shyamalan guy is one I can’t seem to figure out. He’ll do one good film and then two terrible ones. I’m not going to say Unbreakable is TERRIBLE because I’ve never actually seen it and therefore, it would be very unfair of me to say anything. What I CAN say is that M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening was a fuckin’ complete waste, bloody rubbish (ya’ll Brits have been rubbing off on me, I swear).

So, back to Unbreakable. (I swear I’m going to make a really good point here if I don’t forget.)

In Unbreakable, the fabulous actor Samuel L. Jackson plays a character–or was it Bruce Willis’ character–whatever, one of the two played someone that had none other than OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTA (OI). And, though I’ve never seen the film, I know that at one point they mention he has THE WORST TYPE of OI! WORST TYPE? HAHA! OUTRAGEOUS! If you’ve read this far, you know what happens to most of those who have the “worst type”. I’m a “midget” people! How can one of these two, muscular to built and tall to average-height men have it worse than me? I don’t even have “the worst” type to begin with!

And how do I know this? Because my dear deceased L told me this, and I believed him because he was a movie addict; when he wasn’t poppin pain pill after pain pill, drinking like a sailor and flipping out, he was flippin HBO channels. Also, he had type III OI like I do.

This just goes to show you guys that “REALITY” (whatever that may be) and FILM/TV are FAR FAR APART. And this is coming from someone who ADORES FILM, who DREAMS of MAKING FILMS ONE DAY!


Speaking of Samuel L. Jackson… My next post will be “P’s First Film Review: THE AVENGERS, a Character Study On the Hulk’s Raging Borderline Personality Disorder” (yes, I am now CONVINCED Sir Bruce Banner aka Hulk is borderline and I can say this without offending because I’m officially certified borderline myself and yes, I’ll take the label and milk it for what it’s worth for now).

Yep, I just got back from seeing The Avengers and did not have a panic attack!

Thanks for reading!

*mouse nibbles*


addendum 2: I just realized it’s MAY 5th today! Bahaha. NOT May 6th! Oh well, for you New Zealanders I’m not off at least, am I? It’s already May 6th there isn’t it?

I really do think I need to be hospitalized at this point.  NO NO NO P, you do NOT. You will NOT go to a county PSYCH WARD! Nevermind. Shhhht. You don’  heard nor read nothin’ alright. Alright? I’m out.

*le mouse sigh*

22 Responses to “Hooray, Phuckin A, It’s Wishbone Day!”

  1. The Happening <<< Worst film I have EVER seen. I stayed up late to watch it the first time it was on TV (cinema anxiety) and sincerely regreted wasting thise two hours of my life ever since.
    Love from HS xox

  2. Ha! You described M. Night’s movies to a tee – love your informative views as well. You’re a brave one, I must say. Please know that I am here for you and I will quickly study up on OI. Gentle, loving hugs,

  3. Angel O'Fire said

    have a great day, I enjoy reading your blog, you have shared something that I had no knowledge of, and for that I thank you, the way in which you write is optimistic and wonderful, to read words filled with such truth and yet so much energy and hope is refreshing, and very enjoyable to read, 😉

    • PAZ said

      Hope you have a great day too, whatever day it is. Since we’re a day apart. hehe 😉

      I’m really glad you enjoy reading. You know, this blog has been a bit addicting (no a lot addicting actually hehe), but it’s been helping me get through an extremely rough time. I’ve been at rock bottom before and feel like I could slip back so easily right now that so many things are happening and that I feel so unstable. So I like to write about really dark things, dark places I’ve been, struggles–suicidal ideations, self-harm, self destructive behaviors, depression and whatnot– but I’m a clown so I think one way I deal with things, one coping mechanism I’ve developed, whether good or bad, is my sense of humor. Clowns always paint their faces to hide that frown and tears, no?

      I also hope to write about all of the positives, the beautiful things about life, even some of the dark can be beautiful.

      When I find things are too hard for me to talk about, I’ll just be humorous about it. And I hope that people see I’m really trying to make serious points while being funny (or trying to at least).

      Anyway, it made my day to know you enjoy it and find it refreshing.

  4. Spot on about the movies, Samuel L was tall but skinny in that movie, covered by a cape, & yes, that was his character.

    • PAZ said

      I’ll need my cape too then!

      • Hahahahahaha, wait, I suggested a cap for you last week! Imagine?

        • PAZ said

          Oh right, you did! Maybe that’s why I said that and didn’t even realize it. 😉

          I’ll try to email you sometime this week. Been getting wrapped up on here and have so much to do today! Aaagggh


        • PAZ said

          On second though, I rather than a cape, I want a nice black suite like the one the Black Widow wears in the Avengers! Yeah, that “suites” my taste better. 😉

          • Watch Unbreakable – Samuel L’s cape outfit is excellent! And it really is an EXCELLENT movie – you’re right – M Knight makes 1 great film then 2 bad ones. Unbreakable is one of the excellent ones, I VERY strongly recommend it ❤ Maybe try to watch it just as a movie, without your disease in mind. I don't think Samuel L is magical in everything he does is great, I think. EVen the one where he gets eaten by a shark!!! Hugs!!!

  5. Millie Ho said

    “I believed him because he was a movie addict; when he wasn’t poppin pain pill after pain pill, drinking like a sailor and flipping out, he was flippin HBO channels.”

    I love that line.

  6. rich said

    i saw unbreakable. i thought it was well above average. you should give it a chance. i’m not an M. Night fan, but i liked that movie. signs was good. sixth sense was good. the village was stupid. the happening was stupid. however, you should give unbreakable a chance. i’m not a film genius, but you can see some recent reviews on my blog if you want to know if i know anything about film.

    • PAZ said

      No, I like what you have to say about film; I’ve read. Although I admit, I need to read more of what you’ve written.

      L actually didn’t tell me it was a bad movie, and I’ve been thinking of seeing it for sometime. As I mentioned my little “theory” on M. Night is one good movie for every two terrible ones. I liked Signs a lot, thought it was above average. It was also one of L’s favorite movies. Not mine, but still one I play over and over. We were making fun of the fact that supposedly Samuel L Jackson’s character had our disease when it’s CLEAR how off it is to reality. Of course inaccuracy doesn’t completely disqualify the film. Thanks for the suggestion.

      My college major was actually partially film studies. I mean I took a lot of film studies because I wanted to. So even though I’m not a “film genius” either I think I know a thing or two.

      Thanks again for the suggestion. 🙂

  7. I didn’t know you had that disease, which in any case I hadn’t heard of. What a dumb comment! But god, if I had that I’d be ffing depressed too – I’m amazed that you’ve got the guts to write such a funny, intelligent blog! And maybe I’ll watch Unbreakable – but not the other one (‘The Not Happening’?)

  8. I can’t think of anything good to say. Except, I am interested. I read a little about it once. I admire your humor. I suppose it’s a little like me with my Scoliosis. Well, it’s just hard to go through life with a chronic illness. Of course we tend to get depressed!

    I love that you are encouraging others with the same illness. ♥

    • PAZ said

      I’ve want to see if I can volunteer at the hospital I grew up in as a Spanish translator, but I have to focus on getting myself stable first. I have not been doing well at all this week. 😦

      As far as the little ones go. It breaks my heart sometimes to see them. They’re so tiny and cute and I guess maybe it brings me back to my own childhood to see them. I’ve seen pictures of the stillborn ones and probably shouldn’t have.

      Most people with OI have scoliosis. I have scoliosis. L had SEVERE scoliosis; he had a 90 degree angle on his back; his spine was puncturing one of his lungs which makes it worse that he was an addict (pain killers and alcohol mostly) and had taken to chain smoking. 😦

      Anywa, i don’t know… In the future, i do want to volunteer and maybe encourage the little ones. I’m a good type III. I’ve seen type III kids who by the age of 10 have already have had HUNDREDS of fractures.


      • Well, then we have a special bond. 🙂 Mine had to be fused.

        I’m sorry you’re not doing well. I wish I could hug you, gently!

        I get it. Seeing that (stillborns) cannot be easy at all, but then, does it make you more compassionate, or is that the hard part!?

        L is? I’m sorry, I’ve not been following long enough to know. Is he ok?

        Argh, okay, I won’t give you pity because I’m sure you don’t want that, I know I don’t, but I will just say you have my empathy. I think you’re dealing with a lot and you’re a trooper, yes, you are indeed a wonderful, special person with a LOT to give. Have you ever thought of writing a book? So many are, so if you’ve said you plan on it I may have missed it. Anyway, I think you have a lot to offer the world.

        Big hugs, across the net. XO

        Stay strong, try, you have my love and support.

        • PAZ said

          We sure do! When I was a teenager I obsessed about my spine and forced myself to sleep a certain way (that’s if I could sleep).

          Yeah, I HATE pity! I think that’s one reason why I mask my feelings so much. I don’t want pity, I’ve had to deal with it to much all of my life and I hate it. Oh right, I said that already. 😉 I think empathy is good. Very, very good. 🙂

          I had been told I should write a book by several people actually. I don’t know how I feel about that though. That’s one reason why I started this blog instead. I think if I ever do, it’ll have to have a twist of comicy/graphic novel-like humor. You ever heard a the book Percepolis? It was made into a French film. It’s a graphic novel/memoir of a lady by the name of Marjane Satrapi. Her book was actually one of the inspirations for my Mouse! She’s Iranian and in the book, she goes through her childhood in Iran during the Islamic Revolution and war in the 80s. So it’s told in pictures/comic drawings and writing–with outrageous humor. That’s the kind of stuff I think I’d write, if I do decide to.

          I’m sorry. L was my ex-boyfriend (i really don’t know what we were. he was in love with me but i was not) and best friend. He died the month before last, in March. I suspect he killed himself but I’m not sure. His body may have given out from so much self abuse. I wrote about it here

          and in some of the other March archives.

          Writing on here about him has really helped with the grieving process I think

        • PAZ said

          p.s. You can give me a sturdy hug! I don’t break so nearly easily as when I was a kid. After puberty, you usually slow your breaking roll. heheh. Although this past year my bone density has dropped a lot.
          Big STURDY hug back at ya.

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