I think WordPress is trying to tell me something…

May 13, 2012

So I post a comment, right. And then I post another because I realized I hit send before I wanted to add something else. Then I realize, I TYPED IT WRONG because I’m typing TOO FAST and my hands are shaking even though I haven’t had my coffee yet and I don’t have my splint on so my hand is still a little weird and needs retraining… THEN… when I hit the “post comment” button again (for the third time), WordPress tells me this in BIG RED letters so I could be sure not to miss it:

“You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

I was stunned, taken aback. And I think WordPress really means to say this:

“P, what the fuck? Seriously? Another string of comments? WordPress is tired of this shit and so are the bloggie people who have to hit “approve” buttons and get cluttered emails. Just, just hold it up a second. Hold it one minute girl.  SLOW. YOUR. ROLL. ALSO, didn’t you say you were going to the mental hospital and were going to be out for a while? What the fuck?! What are you doing back so soon? Aren’t you going to stick to your promise? SLOW. THE. FUCK. DOWN. Before we block you!”

What the fuck WordPress? I thought we were cool again?

And no. No! We are not blaming it on the borderline personality disorder this time! We are not blaming it on no hypomania. You’re just picking on me.

I’m out.


13 Responses to “I think WordPress is trying to tell me something…”

  1. jensine said

    or maybe it is trying to tell you to slow down because your valueable thoughts are gettin lost 🙂

  2. It did it to me the other week too. Maybe WP knows something we don’t know……

    • PAZ said

      We’re just social bloggers 😉 Sailor and since we think quick, WP can’t keep up. Yeah WP, needs to hurry up and tell us.

      By the way, all the “likes” in this post is making me feel uncomfortable now. Not sure I like the “likes”

      lol. I’m so kwayzee.

      love y besos xoxoxxx

  3. Angel O'Fire said

    lol I so know that feeling

  4. Ha ha ha. Really? I’m too slow on the keys.

  5. the howler and me said

    Ah serial commenting is frowned upon by WP? How interesting….It doesn’t bother me any 🙂

    • PAZ said

      lol. I guess so. Especially if you do it to much, too quickly I suppose. I just have too many after thoughts THAM. Can’t help it sometimes. hahah I do need to slow it down, with EVERYTHING. 😉

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