Fila de fusilacion

May 14, 2012

Y las tropas vienen con su tormenta.
Ay, que galán!
Denos pan!
Denos teta!

© paz


9 Responses to “Fila de fusilacion”

  1. kvennarad said

    I like this very much.

    Marie Marshall

    • PAZ said

      Thank you! And I am so glad you commented because your poems are BEAUTIFUL! I’m loving your page…

      • kvennarad said

        I’m glad, because I just attempted a free translation of ‘Fila de fusilacion’ into Scots. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂


      • kvennarad said

        Not very much, but enough for the occasional job like this. My main field of translation is French. It’s not something I attempt very often, however, having had a very strict teacher – the late Vera Rich (who was the world’s foremost translator from Slavic languages into English), for whom I did a little initial proof-reading.

        • PAZ said

          Ah! So interesting! You know, one of my favorite poets, Henry Parland, wrote the shortest poems. He was from West Russian (not sure if that would be Slavic?)

          But because of the war, his family moved to Poland, he wrote mainly is Swedish. It’s sad he’s hardly known and died at only 22 years.

          I took French in college for two years, it’s about fled from my memory by now. But I do love to read it when I can, whatever I can grasp at least…

  2. […] free translation into Scots of Fila de fusilacion by […]

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