Sticky Note for the Beats (Please Leave It On the Empty Fridge Door Next to Those Others)

May 14, 2012

Beat poets.
Bring the sweet.
Tonight we’ll meet
at Taco Milagro
on melancholy street
in east-end,
near Eastwood,
by the old
Third Ward hood.

We’ll go.

Red fizz and black caps
burning grass like jazz
and my belly growlin’
or is that my heart?
Hungry head spinnin’
Red, red, like wine
drips of heart thumpin’
empty empty
the jitters jumps,
beats bumpin’,
runnin home stumblin’.

© paz

2 Responses to “Sticky Note for the Beats (Please Leave It On the Empty Fridge Door Next to Those Others)”

  1. Paz you clever thing you speak Spanish?? I used to live at a place called Eastwood. Different EAstwood, I guess.

    • PAZ said

      This Eastwood is a place in the east-end which is just what they call southeast Houston. It’s near where my university was/is.

      Third Ward was and still is a predominantly African American low-income neighborhood. Back in times of segregation, Houston had been divided into “wards”. Third Ward was for the blacks only, Second Ward for the Latinos, etc. It’s funny because Second Ward is STILL heavily populated by Latinos and Third Ward is still a black sector. Guess things haven’t changed much in a way…

      And yep, Spanish is my native tongue though I write better in English hehe. I’m a Latin, migrant mousie remember?

      Aaaah, one day I’ll go to Australia…

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