I CHOOSE to live…

May 15, 2012

We may not have chosen to be born but we sure as hell CHOOSE to live because we’re conscious beings.

Today I choose to live; I am choosing to live in this very moment. With every breath that I take, I am choosing to live–second my second, breath by breath.


“Face your life
Its pain,
Its pleasure,
Leave no path untaken.”
~ Neil Gaiman in “The Graveyard Book” ~

5 Responses to “I CHOOSE to live…”

  1. Great art. Second time I just closed my eyes and drifted with it. I think lyrics would fit heavy metal as well.

    • PAZ said

      The artist’s name is Alex Grey. He does a lot of the album cover artwork for Tool, the other band the lead singer you hear here is in.

  2. Shimky said

    Cool saying, my friend! And so true!

    By the way, the present tense form of the verb is “choose”:
    Yesterday I chose to live. Today I CHOOSE to live once more.

    • PAZ said

      Yes, indeed. I’ve been all over the place mentally as you can see by this post, so I made a typing mistake. Thanks for catching it. I’m a grammar Nazi and hate making grammar mistakes like that. By the way, I love film. I studied it and hope to maybe, MAYBE get into it someday, even if it’s just writing reviews.

  3. I like very much mouse.

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