More Shameless Self Promotion

May 17, 2012

More SHAMELESS self promotion in which I make more typing errors!

Ok. That’s enough for the week. I think I’ve been whoring myself on WordPress a tad too much these days. But please do check out the Broken Light Collective. They’re awesome!

By the way, my Copyright Bouncer Bear Sends his hugs and is asking me to remind you that every Sunday they’re free (today was just a special freebie from him).

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photos taken by Paz, who was initially diagnosed with bipolar II, but recently got a new diagnosis of major depressive disorder comorbid with borderline personality disorder. She was also born with a brittle bone condition, hence the wheelchair.

About these photos: This is a two-part piece taken in 2009. It was during a time when I was messing with a lot of drugs. I was on the way to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Music and Film Fesitval (SXSW), on a highway that is covered in blue bonnets and other flowers. Although the scene is tranquil and almost spiritual, I could not find any peace of mind. I was feeling very frantic and empty. I was genuinely trying to enjoy the scenery and the trip there but it was difficult. 

The first one is called “Empty”. It’s just my empty wheelchair. The second is “Paradox Road”. This one was…

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10 Responses to “More Shameless Self Promotion”

  1. Dear PAZ,


    Love Dotty xxx

  2. It’s almost surreal… strange and beautiful. The yellow glow meeting the blue sky. I like the first picture a lot.

    • P.A.Z. said

      Thanks Annette. It means a lot coming from a photographer like you. I think most people prefer the first shot too. Maybe I shouldn’t have messed with the second. I did a little color effect on the second–deadened the color around me kind of as a symbolic thing.

      • The second one is very good too mouse. From an artistic view point. The de-saturation of the yellow, around and behind the wheelchair… it’s as if things are dying or withering around. It contains a lot of feelings, room for a more interpretation. More anger or fear. Somehow, I find number one to be really sombre, despite the bright colours.

  3. Spectacular, Paz! I keep meaning to upload to them but have not had two minutes…there are some great images there but this is WONDERFUL!!!

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