Young Yogi On Campus, A Haiku

May 23, 2012

Youth eyes knowingly.
I am keen, keeping his pace.
Crisp pages, leaves fall.

11 Responses to “Young Yogi On Campus, A Haiku”

  1. Lovely! Is this someone you were stalking, MM? A Hare Krishna, no less?

    • PAZ said

      Thanks Beautiful Rose. I was just eying him and he noticed so he got up and walked up to me. The rest is history…

    • PAZ said

      By the way, I didn’t know this had popped up. I’d set a “schedule” for it. I’m starting to schedule some of the poems instead. Figure I wouldn’t write three and throw three out at yous guys all in the same day.

  2. I’m curious… why the title “Young Hare Krishna On Campus”?

    • PAZ said

      Hey Anette :), he was a Yogi, a young yogi sitting by the ledge of the Liberal Arts building. And sometimes they call Yogi’s Hare Krishnas.

      • Oh I see…. and you had a lil’ crush on him I figure 😉

        • PAZ said

          lol. Not really actually. hehe. I had a crush on someone else then but they let me down. I just was curious about this Hkrishna fells beliefs as I’m very interested in religion and spirituality despite not being religious. Been wanting to read the Bhagavadgita 😉

          • Religion is somewhat interesting, like many… things are interesting. But religion is way to complicated for me. I’ve never been able to get my head around it.

          • PAZ said

            I have a love-hate relationship with religions, just like I have a love-hate relationships with most things.

            Really though, it interests me more to see what people will come up with next. I like to philosophize and religions try to do that sometimes, but then they ruin it with talk of Diety, mostly, for me. That’s why I take only what I like. Like in Buddhism, I like the Zen concept, in Taoism, I like Tao (the principle) though I admit I don’t know enough. Then after I get what I like and start seeing some stuff I don’t like, I just kind of brush over it. I like some of the Yogi’s stuff. We had a good talk.

          • Some religions does contain sympathetic concepts. The concept of a god is a tad composed. It’s like the concept of santa claus or the easter bunny: it keeps people busy and has great commercial value.

          • PAZ said

            OH yeah. I think most religions contain sympathetic and loving concepts; it’s just all the other stuff i don’t care for.

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