Thank you and you’re welcome…

May 31, 2012

… Now I better go lie down for thirty minutes before I start crying again. Yep, in half an hour I am scheduled to get a call from one of the many places I’ve called this week while searching for a new therapist. This will be an evaluation call.

Oh yeah, the thank you once again. I wanted to thank everyone that replied and gave their insight in the post “A Disclaimer and a Serious Question for My Fellow Beeper (BP), Borderline (BPD) and Other Mental BLoggies”.


Search Terms from the Searchers, a Sneak Peak of the Day  

realistic 3d animation 5
stony funny avengers 1
don’t cry say fuck you and happy 1
you don’t know me 1
melancholically 1
you don’t know me 1
picasso manic 1
loki avengers puppy 1
flacid ass 3

14 Responses to “Thank you and you’re welcome…”

  1. Same thing here, starting small, called one guy. Maybe I’ll here. Hope you find fruit for your searches! Hugs!

    • PAZ said

      Just got through with the call. I’m on three different waiting lists now! And have one appointment for Junr 12th. Now I’ll have to see which of the other two calls back and decide.

      I hate having to talk about the recent “incident” but I’m proud of myself for doing so. And proud of you for calling too. I still feel like going to the ER sometimes. But mainly, I’m good. Just wanna get off the roller coaster… It’s got me dizzy!


  2. Don’t cry. I did enough of that today for us both. I wanna go home!

    • PAZ said

      Aw. Totsymae. Come on home in one piece and soon! I just got done with the call. Whew.

      And lady, I’ve cried my two lakes this month. I thought my well was dry the other day but it sure does fill up again quickly.

      Oh and I nominated you for an award (see below). I know. I know. I know you probably won’t take it, but see anyway. 😉

  3. Dear PAZ,

    It’s good you’re getting some responses from them. I hope you find the right one for you.

    Lots of love, Dotty xxx

    • PAZ said

      Dear Dotty,
      Thank you! I’m glad you urged me on. I urged me on too. I called seven places on Tuesday; I was on a roll that day. Called one yesterday and got the evaluation from that one today.
      Loads of Love xoxoxxx

  4. the howler and me said

    YAY! (not for crying but for getting through it)

  5. oh crikey!

    and, breathe!

  6. “don’t cry say fuck you and happy” is my new motto for life.

    • PAZ said

      I swear Jen, some of these searchers and their search terms can be inspiring. Shit. I say, “cry when necessary, say fuck you and happy” is my rendition of the newly adopted motto. It’s a good motto to have! 😉

  7. Amanda said

    Ummmm, that card is fanfuckingtastic. Yay for you getting help! I think it is ok to cry….

    • PAZ said

      I thought it was fitting since I tend to have a big mouth sometimes. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 And yes, it’s ok to cry.

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