Her hair was suddenly blue…

June 3, 2012

Her red hair was suddenly blue, blue like a blueberry muffin on top of her scalp. I wanted to cup her and gulp it, gulp those mountain blueberry swirls, gulp her like the muffin she is. I wanted to eat her out completely. The coffee was hot, hot like me. I took a sip.

I waited for something but the silence was warm; it was a fine and kind kind. It was fine. Silence can be kind and fine with her in the air–she makes the silent air kind and fine I find. Yes. Kind and fine are the words for her.

“I like my coffee black,” I said, “Black and bitter like my heart. I do like it dark though, dark like my thoughts, dark like you,” I smiled.

She smiled, such a wide delectable, lickable smile, “Tu es stupide! Mais, oui, je aussi aime du café noir. La vie, c’est comme la merde, n’est-ce pas?” She understands my sarcasm and has nothing but quips and smiles about it, no scoffing from her. She knows I’m just bullshitting because I’m nervous yet calm. No, I’m anxious. Anxious for her, for longings past and longings to come.

“Oui, un mangez et fait chier et baiser et mourir. Pur merde!” I sipped my black, cold coffee. How did it get cold so soon? I’m still hot!

And I gazed waiting for her to purr some more. I wondered why does everything I love run behind the fridge only to come back out from there to nibble–bite after little bite–tearing at me slowly until I become gangrenous? Is that why I feel like a zombie?

Green, I am. Black, I love.


Note: Native French speakers, apologies for my terrible three-and-a-half semesters college-battered French.

11 Responses to “Her hair was suddenly blue…”

  1. the howler and me said

    oh… how I would love to have bright blue hair. It would be so much fun!

  2. I love that use of colour!

  3. I really liked that one. It has a nice rhythm to it and gave me nice pictures in my head. and it made me feel all warm, like a hug.

    • PAZ said

      I’m glad you found it to be like a hug :). I thought this one was really weird after I finished and edited it. heheh.

      • It is weird, but weird that I get, so it was nice weird 🙂 I might have to print it off for another day, so I don’t forget it (Like I did with Spanglish one – still my favourite)

        • PAZ said

          It’s good you get this kind of weird. Now that makes me feel like I got a hug.

          Spanglish one still needs to be read to my mom. I don’t think I can do it without gettin’ teary eyed. Someday.


  4. lyxia said

    i should teach you some french cursing….. from small tobacco village to downtown city in france…

    • PAZ said

      Please do! I would love that! And I still need to email you back. I’m sorry. I haven’t been very stable as you can see. xoxoxxx bisou

      • lyxia said

        I gathered so about the email, you are going through a difficult time. Ill send good thoughts to you, catch them while they fly your way. prends soin de toi ma biche (take care..+ affectionate term)

  5. […] are so many songs and poems and stories.  I keep thinking of Paz’s poem of the girl with the hair like a blueberry muffin.  I want to paint this next.  And a girl with her hair like the […]

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