Ayahuasca for Depression?

June 5, 2012

No way. Or yes way?

Hell, it would beat Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and MAOS and their placebo effects. ha. Yes, I’m in a skeptical, cynical mood.

I’d just finished writing about DMT which works as a neurotransmitter/chemical in the brain, given the brain produces in very small doses. And well, ayahuasca, the hallucinogenic plant, contains DMT in very large doses. So when I came across this:

Ayahuasca and Depression


Ayahuasca as a Cure for Depression

I thought, “What?” The word “cure” sort of makes me laugh because I see “cure” in this case as more of just recovery. Even the word recovery is a bit unfit for what I think, though I do find this ayahuasca thing interesting.

I haven’t even read the two articles yet (and probably won’t today since I need to get my head on and make some calls. At least one call), but I figured the second is one of the “alternative” medicines websites. meheheheh.

What will we look into next?

7 Responses to “Ayahuasca for Depression?”

  1. Alternative medicine, holistic approach, has a degree of efficacy. It is mind, body and soul. Traditional medicine treats the body and symptoms but not our spirit which has much to do with keeing the body in harmony. Much of this originated in India and China. Beyond his reputation as a mathematician in ancient Greece, Pythagoras is called the father of psychology because he is the first notable to postulate thinking was done in the brain and not the heart and that mental illness meant something in the brain was broken. His protocol for recovery was hot baths, long walks, nutritious food(fruit and vegetables) and stimulating conversation. Makes sense for a couple of thousands year’s old thinking. More sense than today’s mere pill therapy. I have an MA degree as Certified Holistic Addiction Professional but not licensed and not in practice. Would suggest you research holistic approach to mental health and addiction therapy. We should never become our own doctors, however, and there are practitioners that specialize in this non traditional medical approach.

    • PAZ said

      Thank you Carl. I agree with more holistic approaches. I think combined approaches are great, probably best. It is mind, body and soul as you say. That’s one reason why I try to eat really well (though I haven’t had much of an appetite), try to exercise and am trying to get back into therapy. Though it’s going slow right now. That’s awesome about the the license. Where did you practice before?

    • PAZ said

      And, I didn’t know he was called that. If I did, I must’ve forgot. Pythagoras was an interesting one because he was a pretty good astronomer and philosopher as well as a mathematician. A lot of the mathematicians of that time were philosophers too though.

  2. I just have the degree, Would take 2,000 hour internship and state exams for practice and license and at 63 years old in a few days and 33 years as high school history teacher under my belt that just ain’t going to happen. I do work the 12 Step rooms for alcoholism and drug addiction for my own recovery(10 years, 3 months clean and sober)and have several sponsees.

  3. I’d be too scared to take it, just in case it made me worse.
    I am a control freak. I don’t even like being drunk because of how out of control it makes me feel (although I say that when I’m sober, when I’m drunk it feels nice 😉 )

    • PAZ said

      Sailor, I know what you mean. It’s funny because I hate feeling “out of control” and one of the ironic things about boozing is that whenever I used to booze up hardcore, I did so because I felt I needed something to get me in control. “Oh the alcohol helps me control my anxiet” and “Oh it helps me sleep” but of course, that’s just a surface, temporary fix.

      I’d be scared to try ayahuasca too to be honest. 😉 I doubt I’d even get a hold of it if I was really there. IF, IF I even get there. Who knows…

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