A Good List, Round Three-Point-One-Point-Two

June 6, 2012

Numero 41

So I noticed Broken Light Collective posted another one of my pieces!

La Bailarina was actually the first photograph I’d submitted so I didn’t have anything uplifting or smart to say, but it’s there. Thanks BLC! And speaking of more good things. Eloise’s sister is trying out for the Houston Ballet so she’ll be here, staying with us in mid June! Gaaah. I still haven’t called Eloise back. But we’ll stick with the good, which is that she’s coming to stay with us and that I was able to get a good shot of her dancing and her being here also means I’ll have a chance to get more shots.


And for the closing, here’s some more Ratatat with a picture of a cute panda vomiting a rainbow.

7 Responses to “A Good List, Round Three-Point-One-Point-Two”

  1. rich said

    okay, but why is a panda puking up a rainbow? i guess he’s against gay marriage?

    • PAZ said

      No, no. Pandas don’t care about marriage. They don’t care who you snuggle with. So, that’s not it at all.

      If you notice, the name of the song is “Loud Pipes” so my guess is he smoked too many bamboo cigars and then ate too many bamboo leaves with rainbow-colored wine. He’s a panda, not a human!

  2. Streaming is slow and the video didn’t work for me but I can imagine. And that you’re excited about your house guest coming soon. Do tell more when she arrives. I hope for the best in her auditions.

    • PAZ said

      Thanks Totsymae! Turns out she’s not auditioning but rather having a sort of “summer training” thing. She’s even got a dorm! Well, I’ve been out of it… heheh. She’s only seventeen but she’s a great dancer. Did you see the photo?

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