P Gets Fired On Her Second Day Of Work Part 1

June 13, 2012

Ok. So I didn’t REALLY get fired, it was more like I got “laid off” if we could even call what I had a job.

Let me go back a little.


I go into the office after a long morning waiting for the MetroLift to pick me up. MetroLift is a service that provides “shared rides” on cabs and small buses for people with disabilities that cause mobility impairments. Basically, I ride with a whole bunch of grannies and kids with down syndrome, no offense. I fuckin’ hate riding the MetroLift! And it’s not because of the grannies or down syndrome folks, no. It’s not even because I get strapped down like a mummy with all those icky straps that make me feel like I need to be disinfected in a lab where people work with lethal viruses like ebola.

It’s because they’re always fuckin’ late! When you “share rides” with a whole bunch of other people, taxi-style, you’re bound to have delays. That’s why I’d rather ride the regular, “fixed-route,” city bus, which I usually do. But I was ill-prepared for looking up bus routes this morning so I’d called in a MetroLift the day before (that’s what you have to do, call in the day before to schedule a ride).

I digress.


I go into the office at 11:00. The only reason I got there on time is because I told MetroLift to pick me up an hour and a half before my actual clock in time, though the place is only a twenty-five minute drive away and for Houston driving time, that’s not a lot. I digress again. Damn, sorry.

I go into the office and no one is there! Not even the receptionist! And no one that I know is to be found anywhere in the dark rooms, but then again, I don’t know many people; I’ve only been there once before, on Monday. I look into the office corridor but the door to get in requires a password/card swipe, so I wait in the lobby and call Mansie. Her office looks dark just like C’s. Why is no one here? The zombies! No, no, maybe they’re all out on an early lunch, yeah, an early lunch… I push off thoughts of the zombie apocalypse and wait for the ring.

She picks up the phone and we talk for a bit. It turns out she won’t be going into work today because she woke up with pink-eye which in spanish sounds like “confusion-itis” which I thought was a joke she was playing on me like, “ha, I got that confusion sickeness, are you coming in today or tomorrow because I’m confused and thought you’d be in tomorrow, so ha”.

My anxiety starts to rise. Mansie says she’ll call C, our boss because he should be in though I don’t see the lights on. She says C wants to speak with me anyway. I get out of my wheelchair, get comfy on a couch (or pretend to at least) until a guy asks me if I’ve been attended.

“I’m waiting for C,” I reply.

C comes in a few minutes later. I’ve been looking at a Ceasar Chaves painting on the wall when he comes up and kisses me on the cheek the way we latin people do when we greet. C leads me to his office and says he has “buenas y malas noticias”. So, I say, well, good news can also be bad at which we both awkwardly laugh. It’s probably one of my worst jokes yet.


I’m in C’s office and he starts telling me that yesterday he’d got a call from the national director over in Arizona. The national director has decided to pull the plug on the internship program.

” ‘But I just hired my intern!’ I told him. There was no arguing with him, he’d made up his mind, so I’m sorry P. I really don’t want to see you go. This is all so frustrating. I’ll tell you the good thing is, I still want you to be part of our team,” Carlos looks at me intently but by this time my heart leaps like a frog that’s about to get choked.

Fuckin’ hell! That’s just my fuckin’ luck to get fired before I even start! I bet the pretty little demons are fuckin’ high-fiving each other right now. Yeah you little fuckers, how’s that ping-pong match with the Mouse going? Very funny huh? Y’all can laugh all you want! Laugh all you want Pretty Little Demons! I’m not downing any pills over this!


C goes on about the C-4 team and how he could maybe possibly move some funds over to the C-4 team to hire me as an actual employee! Well, that’s fuckin great! I mean, I’m twenty-six. I’m a little old for internships anyway. This is great! Only problem is, I’m still a “filthy illegal immigrant”.

Yeah, I’m still undocumented. And all I can think is, oh fuck, now I’ll have to tell him the truth about my legal status.

11 Responses to “P Gets Fired On Her Second Day Of Work Part 1”

  1. Angel O'Fire said

    That really does suck, what a shitty thing to have happen, stay strong ((hugs)) Angel

    • PAZ said

      Thank you for the encouragement Angel. I could use all I can get at this point. I was trying not to get my hopes up because I knew how let down I’d feel if something like this were to happen. But it all looked so good that I didn’t question it… *sigh*

      Hugs xoxoxxx

  2. That’s a real bummer mouse. I hope there’s a solution to both job and the illegal status.

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  4. Ooooh, what a pickle jar to be in. Maybe it can be a paid internship with fringe benefits, like a ride to work so you don’t have to catch the bus or MetroLift. Maybe that’s asking too much but all you can do is ask.

    • PAZ said

      Yeah, Totsymae, it was a paid internship (no benefits) which is why I was getting excited about it, but the program director cancelled the internship program across all states on Tuesday, hence, me getting fired on Wed. I do catch the bus and I would have if I’d have kept going… but eh… Besides, I can’t always get a ride from my dad and wouldn’t want to anyway. The old man’s done enough for me.

  5. Yes, just your luck. Falsified papers???

    • PAZ said

      I’ve thought about that so many times in moments of desperation Jill, but the way things are right now, I can’t afford anything that’ll give me a “criminal record”. Besides, it’s a lot harder for them not to be detected with how strict things are and how many people are being flushed.

      HUGS xoxoxx 😉

  6. I love how you immediatly jumped to the zombie apocolypse scinario 🙂

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