Lost Ant II

June 22, 2012

Lost Ant II (c) paz

Click the photo to enlarge.


11 Responses to “Lost Ant II”

  1. Kyle said

    “society is the thumb”
    love it

  2. Ooo I like that one. It has a good rhythm to it. You are so clever P!! xoxoxox
    (p.s. I’ll mail you back tomorrow, it’s late here)

    • PAZ said

      No problem. Have a good night lady. And thank you. I realized I misspelled a work. Woops. Internet in my dad’s computer is slow sometimes.

      besos xoxoxxx

      • Haha I didn’t notice, but then again I just went to write on Angels blog “take care” and almost posted a comment saying “take cake” instead. I think I want cake or I’m really loosing the ability to type or just actually loosing my marbles 🙂

  3. I noticed that you misspelled a word! Also, you wrote “work” instead of “word.” I normally wouldn’t point it out, but you did tell me to be your editor, lol. 😉

    • PAZ said

      I sure did! I’ll fix it tomorrow. Thanks for catching that. 😉

    • PAZ said

      So the funny thing is that the “k” key is nowhere near the “d” key. They’re on opposite ends! ha. I obsess about stupid mistakes like that!

      I think I was thinking about work. My dad and I had had a bit of an argument about the cards. You’re a good editor.

  4. I like it, Paz. Poor old ant.

  5. sedge808 said

    fabulous work.

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