Yesterday’s Rain Is Not Today’s

June 30, 2012

It rained all day yesterday and much of the day today. I love summer rains!


There’s a sun roof just above the tub in my parent’s room. A lot of flowers and leaves from the neighboring tree fall on there.

I had a razor set up by the tub and then I thought, “This is ridiculous P! Go get your camera and shoot these droplets and pretty leaves instead. You’ll go swimming tomorrow and don’t want that arm all cut up.”

Photographing helped snap me out of this strange sensation for a while. I was able to just focus on the patterns the leaves and flower petals made as they fell along with the droplets of water.


After shooting these, I was able to settle my mind. Then I was about to get ready to cook something when my serendipitously brother showed up and I spent the night at his house with his girlfriend and her little girl. Then when the little one was asleep, we decided to have an Alien/Aliens mini marathon but the “file” on my brother’s media player was “corrupt”.

I ended up passing out on his couch.

4 Responses to “Yesterday’s Rain Is Not Today’s”

  1. the howler and me said

    YAY for finding a creative outlet instead of cutting 🙂

  2. DeeDee said

    Nope, can’t see the wheelchair. Glad you found something better to do than cut, though!

    • PAZ said

      It’s not a very good shot. I’ll do another on a better round, reflective surface.

      I’ve been trying to hone some of those DBT skills while I wait to get back in therapy. You’re right, emotional regulation is one of the hardest, then again they’re all difficult for me, except mindfulness. I kind of mastered that one, sort of.

      Thanks for the encouragement Chickadee!

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