July 7, 2012

I feel the rhythm of the waves
below me releasing the core–hollow.
Pain and pleasure are purified.

The pulsating waves. My muscles tighten
and ache. My breath escapes, my toes tingle as
energy is released–rage, euphoria.
I am emptied out. I am renewed.

© paz


A little something I had jotted down in my notebook after swimming.

12 Responses to “6.29.12”

  1. Kyle said

    this is wonderful

  2. Laura P. Schulman, M.D., M.A., FAAP said

    I love swimming because it is a release from gravity.

    • PAZ said

      Exactly Laura! The release from gravity feels so good, especially for those of us with brittle bones and who can’t walk with the gravity. I don’t feel “disabled” in the water. 🙂

      • When i was 30 the discs between my vertebrae dried out and started rupturing. Five in three years. One surgery, because i ruptured one in my neck and it was trying to paralyze me. I was in a molded plastic body jacket 23 3/4 hours a day–15 minutes out to shower. I completely lost my muscles. Oh, and there were the arm crutches to walk with. They wanted to fuse my entire spine with metal rods. I said no, and started swimming instead. At first all i could do was lay on top of a body board and float around, moving my limbs feebly, pitiful. Inside of a year i had really learned to swim by watching others, and was doing 45 minutes of laps per day. All because of no gravity, plus i am stubborn.

        • PAZ said

          Laura, thank you for sharing this! You’re a brave soul! A lot of people with OI have severe scoliosis, so I’ve known of plenty of cases where spinal fusion with rods was done. Thankfully mine isn’t that bad (better knock on wood). I do have rods on all but one limb.

          Oh, and I’m also stubborn. It can be a good thing when applied to things like swimming! 🙂

  3. You really are amazing. I love swimming too, there’s something about swimming in the sea or a lake, and then lying in the sand in the sun afterwards – very energising but primal.

    • PAZ said

      Thanks Beautiful Rose *blushing*

      Ahhh. And I too love swimming in the ocean! But I’m always afraid the waves will knock me around and break my bones. I outta go to a lake sometime soon. Some of the simple and primal things are most energizing.

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