Le Clown Balls Make A Disheartened Le P Rire

July 28, 2012

Yes, I just got a good giggle from fellow blogger THAM. Click if you want to laugh too! I’m not saying what it is, just click and come back here afterward, ya hear.


The last few days have been slippery (think it’s the premenstrual suicidal syndrome-pmss– kicking in) and I realized how depressing my last post was, so I’m glad two people cracked up an already cracking P.

Yesterday, while I was at home alone–well, home with the dogs–and in the midst of despair, my brother dropped by so we could watch movie at his apartment. On the way there, he starts telling me the funniest story I’d heard in days. It was something that would have played out perfectly on that show, The Office. Think awkward moment silliness in an office meeting.

It involves the movie Robocop (a childhood favorite of ours), the severed head of  Alex Murphy from Robocop, Photoshop and a picture of my brother’s face, my brother giving a presentation with the slide of said severed head and said picture, pictures of the family and the dogs, and a confused and probably scared crowed of high-maintenance female co-workers that probably know nothing about sci-fi geekery since they didn’t even know that was Robocop’s severed head. It’s just one of those things you have to see. Priceless. Ok, I may post it as a “private post” just for you, limited time only though. But shhhhh…. Promise not to tell him. Ok?

Anyway, today miss THAM decides challenge my brother on a “who can make suicidal P laugh the most contest”. All I’m gonna say is she did good too. This was my reply to her post which I mentioned above:

Aw. I liked that Fred guy! Though I hardly got to read from his blog (just too many)

And… BAHAAGGGHAAAH! LOVE IT! It made my dad thus far. Yesterday my brother cracked me up with a work story and today you.

Unfortunately for me, it’s common to get “licking balls” in my search term ever since I made my “this sucks old, wrinkled hairy balls” joke.

Here are my search terms from two days ago just so you can get a glimpse of what I mean:

Search Views
little t-rex duck 2
bpd why he hates me 1
keep finding little hairy balls 1 <——- SEE! TOLD YA!
melancholically manic mouse 1
borderline numbing out 1
videos vestidas como perras 1 <—- I get the “putas perras” one a lot too, which is a little disheartening. oh and the HULK. I seem to get the HULK a lot.
ayahuasca for depression 1
borderline personality whimpering 1

Note the misspelling of day as dad. And now I’m wondering about that last one. Bordeline personality whimpering? hmmmm. Yes, I’ve been whimpering a lot and yes I was diagnosed with borderline personality or whatever you want to call it. But what kind of search term is that?


And is my t-rex duck arm famous now? I wanna know! Cause if it is, I want royalties on that shit!

I’m serious. I’m this serious 😐


Also, last week as seen on my Facebook page, I got another scary “old —- balls” search term: “pictures of old wrinkled balls”. Yep, and I thought “naked Hulk” and “Hulk’s hairy chest” were a bit much.

Goes to show two things guys. One, humanity is full of nuttiness and is just plain nutzzzzz! And two, laughter is good for the soul, which is why I’ll do my best not to forget that silly side of P.

Remind her to come out more, will you? She forgets, especially on PMSS and mourning days like these.

thanks and mouse love


8 Responses to “Le Clown Balls Make A Disheartened Le P Rire”

  1. the howler and me said

    Glad I could make ya laugh my friend 🙂
    xoxox THAM

  2. “Little T rex duck”? I need one xox

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