August 4, 2012

Something in me shed like snake-skin
Mole-eyed and chilled,
I crawled out of the damp earth.

© paz


Another one from my little notebook.

3 Responses to “7.29.12”

  1. Interesting images. I especially like the first line. I write poetry myself (not as much lately), so I know this is sometimes impossible, but you might try expanding this. It’s got potential.

    • PAZ said

      Thank you Purplemary. I had written a lot of poetry on this blog a few months ago, but not so much lately. I appreciate your insight. I guess I could go on with it, but I kind of wanted this to be a small stone and just end like that. Although, now, I’m considering your suggestion. 🙂

    • PAZ said

      p.s. Would like to read your poetry.

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