Vandals, Do Not Feed The Pigeons While the Train Is Arriving!

August 12, 2012

I decided to start taking pictures on my way to therapy. These are a few I’ve taken in the last two weeks. I’ll have to take my actual, semi-pro camera out next time instead of using my old phone.


I’m the one on the far right. And that baby has no body. hmmmrph


Click to see the gallery.


As I waited for the bus to the university, I read this passage from Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros:

“Because those who suffer have a special power don’t they? The power of understanding someone else’s pain. And understanding is the beginning of healing.”

6 Responses to “Vandals, Do Not Feed The Pigeons While the Train Is Arriving!”

  1. I can’t see the first picture 😦
    America always looks so much cleaner than the UK. Next time I’m in a train station I’ll take you a picture………
    hugs y besos xoxoxoxox

    • PAZ said

      Can you see it now? It said media was deleted. Hope I fixed it. Yeah, Houston is not a very urban city despite it’s massive size, so there’s very little room for pedestrians and it seems clean in certain areas, not all. You live in London don’t you? It’s an older city and truly urban. And yes! Take pics! 😉

  2. saradraws said

    More photos! Don’t argue with me…

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