You Know You’re Hypomanic When…

August 28, 2012

… you’re typing so fast that you make dozens of typing errors and don’t give a fuck. Hurry, let’s just keep going, you say to yourself. (This is coming from a grammar Nazi with some obsessive compulsive tendencies.) And as you’re typing you’re giggling and laughing and giggling but have no idea why you’re giggling or what you’re laughing at.

Well, that’s the “good” kind of hypomanic. I won’t talk about the not-so-good kind.


I went to a protest yesterday with Mansie. I had a lot of anxiety but still managed to enjoy it in the end. Maybe I’ll write a more in depth post about it. For now, here’s another one of my Nokia phone photos.

One of the slogans/chants we did was “Don’t take America back; take America forward!” We got hustled by some rich white folks, one who yelled “Romney!” at us. And then they called the po po. A cop showed up just as we were wrapping up.

Go on ahead, call me a dirty hippie. I know you wanna. I will not be hurt by it. Not today, son. Not today. I’m loving today thus far, despite the cramps. It’s strange to feel this good.


Jaen, I have a “You Know You’re Borderline When…” too. It happened to me this weekend. I think you’d like it. I may post it later.

Mouse Love

4 Responses to “You Know You’re Hypomanic When…”

  1. Being manic must give you lots of good energy sometimes. I’m sometimes amazed by the amount of energy for things some other people have – I complain if I don’t have at least half the weekend off for doing nothing.

    • PAZ said

      Yes. Boundless energy, like a kid doped on sugar. I think it’s part of it is the drugs the Doc has me on. I hope to get off of them sooner than later.

    • DeeDee said

      Yeah, but it’s not just energy – it’s compulsive energy and over-the-top motivation. To the point that it can get scary and very much out of control, even if it feels euphoric and uber-productive.

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