Every Day Is f*cking MAGICAL!

September 2, 2012

Especially today. Know why?

Because there’s a f*ckin’ CLOWN ON FIIIIIIYA! Over at Le Clown on Fire, I mean A Clown on Fire (damn Le!), there is a contest going on. AND TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to vote/help out contestants!

Little Luna and I sat down just chatting away with our clown noses on–me in my hippie tie-die beach dress–trying to come up with a dare for Le Clown. (I’ll admit, Little Luna came up with most of my better jokes.)

Anywya, help me out here or it’s the end of The Circus at the End of the World! What should I dare Le Clown to do?

Ok, it won’t be the end of the circus world or The Circus at the End of the World, Not really.

This is no joke though; it’s not poor Photoshop work either. Soon after writing down the last comment, we had to stop, drop and roll because we REALLY caught on fire after reading the hilarity and typing 300 words per second.

Yes I have a ton of windows up. And don’t ask me why the word MAGICAL is crossed off. I got the font from dafont.com and since I didn’t purchase it, I think it only lets me use it with some words crossed off. Hey, it’s a trade off. BAgh.


Don’t ask me what’s going on here either. But I think she was begging me to stop and I DID give her a dozen treats for helping me get through all those comments (truth is we really didn’t read ALL of them, but ya know).


addendum: On a more serious note, I wish I had a painkiller because my jaw is fuckin’ hurting. I’ve got that titanium plate that needs to be removed from my lower jaw. 😦 Ughh… It’s been hurting all week. It’s been feeling like it really is on fire. le sad mouse sigh. Eric, you should tell Le Clown to give me extra points for this! Just because you know? You’re the only sweet one that Le Clown listens to. I swear I’m not trying to milk it. 😉

10 Responses to “Every Day Is f*cking MAGICAL!”

  1. Le Clown said

    I’m so very sorry for the pain you have. I will give you 20 beautiful clown noses for your post, to give who ever you want. I know it won’t do anything for the pain, but I hope it helps who ever you’re rooting for get ahead…
    Le Clown

    • PAZ said

      20 extra points?! SAWEEET!

      Thanks Le Clown! You really are fabulous. I’m going to make me some tea and take the dogs for a walk now and rub my face in poo just like the dogs do. Maybe that’ll help with the pain. 😉

      Oh yeah, give all the points to Angel!


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  3. Le Clown said

    Plus 10 points… Let’s call them Agonizing pain points.

  4. It’s nice to know you got some inspiration from me. Thanks for the points! I giggled at this. Hope you feel better soon.

    • PAZ said

      YAY! You’re a winner. And yeah, I wasn’t even going to do a picture; by then I was too tired to compete, and I realized I’d spent too much time on the computer and needed to get some real life things done. But then I saw your stuffed animals and though, voila! Little Luna is a living, breathing stuffed animal–literally, my dad feeds her too much.

      • Yes! The dark-horse Circus pulled off a win! I think a large part of that was due to you, so the Circus is very grateful!

        I really have spent too much time on the computer over the past few days and need to get some real-life stuff done today. Procrastination, they name is Le Clown.

  5. boomiebol said

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog

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