September 19, 2012

When we have to break down walls and windows
To get through to what’s in front of us, because
The panes of glass are too damn dirty, damped and foggy,
We begin to see with clarity.

When we drop the ammo, purge the stones
We held in our mouths,
And mince virulent words,
We are relieved.

When the mind’s eye stretches
Past the fields of cultivated despair,
And is eager to plow down those insanities,
We are refined.

When we discern the trees with their
Outstretched arms and incessant prayers,
the heirs of the Sun’s eye, their god,
We begin to bask in
A little more hope.

When we breathe in life’s scenic ambience,
Our sacrifices were worth the scarred tissue.
And the turbulence that makes
Life colorful, sprouts a fruit of
Succulent, iridescent hues.

When we stand like porters at the
Gate of our consciousness,
Not letting in false prejudice,
We begin to understand.

© paz


I’m not too happy with the way this one worked out. I think I need to tweak it some.

9 Responses to “9.18.2012”

  1. saradraws said

    I’m impressed. Beautifully written. Wonderful imagery.

    • PAZ said

      Thank you Kyle! 🙂

      I feel like the first stanza isn’t very original though. :/ I got the window idea from misuz Apple. I hear the best at times borrow from the best, but you also gotta make it your own, no?

  2. Well written poem – and yes, the imagery is strong and apt.

  3. lyxia said

    hey I like it because I felt some of it

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