October 2, 2012

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Took these a few weeks ago while waiting for little Luna to poop. heheh. And it occurred to me that I don’t know much about flowers. I know what I learned in biology ages ago, but I don’t really know. I’m an ignorant fool when it comes to flowers.

addendum: Deedee says they’re hibiscus.

addendum 2: These be (c) by PAZ. Remember the Monkey Bee is watching you down below, for copyright infringements that is.

13 Responses to “Petals”

  1. NZ Cate said

    Those are great pictures. I learnt a while ago that while I love flowers, I can’t grow them. Have to appreciate someone else’s. So I think that makes me an ignorant fool too. 🙂

  2. Lol, I know practically nothing about flowers, either.

  3. DeeDee said

    They’re hibiscus, but other than that… Wikipedia to the rescue! Or a botany class. 🙂

    • PAZ said

      THANK YOU! I didn’t know what kind they were. heheh. I actually loved botany and gardening, but alas, too many social science/liberal art courses in college–not enough time for botany or gardening. But now…

  4. Yeah, I agree with Dede. Anyway, they’re lovely!

  5. *scrolls down. Sees monkey bee for first time.* AHHHHHHHHHH NIGHTMARE FODDER!!! D:

    Those are very pretty flowers. It’s okay to be ignorant about flowers. All you have to know is to stop and smell them.

    • PAZ said

      Yep. And I’ve been able to stop and smell them more often these days. They color our day with their magic. heheh.

      I drew that Monkey Bee during a very sad time. It’s one of my collection I’d meant to post on here. She’s nice though, unless you copy her. ha

  6. Lovely, pink and pretty

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