Campus Crawlin’ – Part 1

October 12, 2012

I’ve been going to the university a lot this week. For one, I go to therapy there. It’s cheap and I don’t have insurance. Two, I’m still dealing with the immigration issue and the law center has law students that help you out. It’s free.

I’ve been taking a few pictures around campus. It’s made me a little nostalgic.  I miss school, miss schoolin’. I almost feel like a student again with all my creepin’ and crawlin’ around campus these days. And I’m still working on my stealth. It’s a bit difficult with the wheelchair getting in the way. I also need to take my telephoto lens next time! It would have made the pictures better had I had it with me. I’ll get better shots next time. It’s just a bit of a pain switching lenses, especially because the telephoto lens is nearly one-third my full body size.


I’ll post the other set later… Mouse must go swim!

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addendum: The waffle bus and Bernie’s Burger Bus are a fuckin’ rip off! Don’t buy their burgers. (I never did, just sayin’)

9 Responses to “Campus Crawlin’ – Part 1”

  1. Point noted re the Buses 😉

  2. Since my whole big break happened while I was in grad school, I don’t think I’d ever want to be a student again. Surprisingly, as I always thought that’s what I would like the most. But it’s too triggering. On the other hand, I work at a college (okay, community college, but it’s practically the same thing . . . as we tell the students), and I don’t think I’d really ever want to work anywhere else. It’s just the environment I feel most comfortable in generally.

    • PAZ said

      I can totally see why you’d feel that way. I had my “monumental mental meldown” while I was at a community college. Yet, some of my best times were there, recording music. I always felt on edge though. Hardly remember a time when I wasn’t either depressed or mixed or something extreme.

      As far as this university, I can say I loved the people I met (mostly). Although my last semester sucked balls; I became paranoid and dropped my non-fiction creative writing course, which is something I’d never done before. Anyway, despite my depressive tendencies, I love being on campus because of the trees and general atmosphere. It’s the third largest university in
      Texas, so there are dozens of thousands of students. It’s almost always very anxiety provoking for me. The day I took this, I was shaking with anxiety. I’m surprised I got some of these shots. ha

      I think high school–seeing my high school is triggering for me in much the same way your college is for you. I nearly had a panic attack when I thought I’d have to go up to my old high school and get transcripts for that immigration thing. In college, I think the fact that I got really involved with community organizing and activist work saved me on numerous occasions, and the grassroots organizers are the only people I really still talk to–no one in my department. ha

      I should write about a moment were I lost it and rolled out of my dorm/apartment screaming. This Asian lady that lived above me told the neighbors that I was only having a fit ’cause I hadn’t taken my meds. She didn’t even know I actually was starting to take meds during that time. ha

      • I also feel ambivalent about grad school because I did have more friends there than I did anywhere else . . . but the way I froze, couldn’t do the work even though I *knew* I could . . . I just don’t want to relive that stuff again, even if it’s only in memories triggered by being a student.

  3. saradraws said

    Paz! You’re photos are great! I know you were working with a phone last time, so I can’t compare, but your courage (in snapping stealthily) really shows. I love the shot that’s in some kind square and student are walking every direction. Also digging the guy at the bike rack. Keep doing it. I envy your telephoto lens…

    • PAZ said

      Thanks Sara! Yeah, I was taking ’em with my Nokia phone. I feel more courageous holding a decent camera. Even so, I found it hard to snap people. I didn’t use a telephoto lens (left it at home that day), but I plan to take it next time and use it.


  4. DeeDee said

    Good stuff! I like the cougar or whatever it is. Keep snappin’.

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