Sexy Surgery Gone RIGHT!

November 18, 2012

Oh yes, it was a successful surgery and very sexy indeed.

The lovely Sara Draws brought this sexiness to my attention. This was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the not-so-sexy surgery gone wrong two years ago.


Tomorrow will complete a week since my jaw surgery. I have therapy with Brunet Young at eleven then have to go to the hospital, which is fortunately nearby, for my follow-up on the surgery.

Maaaan, I just can’t believe how well it went! I keep gloating about it. In fact, on Wednesday I believe it was, I started crying uncontrollably in the shower. I realized the tears were tears of relief–purifying tears as a dear friend says.


It went something like this:

I panicked Thursday and called my therapist, Brunet Young. Cried Sunday. Woke up Monday to face what I had to face on my face. I had to pee in a cup for a pregnancy test, put on robes that were four times my length and three times my width and put on my cap. All I could think of was how horrible it was last time. How I woke up with lips so swollen that they blocked my nostrils; how they told me my jaw had split in two; how I’d had a plate inserted to hold it together, a plate which was later found misplaced, sticking out of my skin; how my mouth was wired shut for four months, and how it hurt so much for the last two years, ugh… It all came back and I tried my best not to panic.

One of the docs slipped an IV into my vein and I got drowsy. But I guess I was so nervous that I didn’t fall asleep. They rolled me  into the operating room and there, with the oxygen mask, I finally closed my eyes.


Young male doctors caressed my face then made a small incision in my outer cheek and a larger one inside my jaw. They then unscrewed the screwed-up screws.

“P, P” a voice near my ear said, “Everything went fine.”

I faintly smiled and with hazy eyes and blurred vision, I moaned, “Man, I had the strangest dream.”

“Really? A lot of patients get that from anesthesia. What was it about?”

“I have no idea.”

And I fell back into sleep.

I lied with blood on my hair and dried flakes of blood on my neck while a cute bearded nurse-boy asked if I wanted a suction tube in my mouth.

“Oh yes, yes, please” I replied in short breathless mumbles as he inserted it in my mouth and I sucked.

Yep. The surgery was soooo hot!

I now have hopes that my face will go back the way it was two and a half years ago, before all this mess. Or that the pain will go away at least. I know that the Bell’s Palsy has affected my left side which never fully recovered, but I’m okay with that now, really. I’m ok with my face not being symmetrical now.

My face looks good as new. And it’s been less than a week! It still hurts, but surprisingly this pain is much, much more tolerable than the pain I had with the plate BEFORE the surgery (this second operation, not the first).

I know it will heal this time because there’s no broken bone, no obstruction, no metal sticking out the skin to prevent the wound from closing properly.

I just have hope.


Hope is the thing with feathers,

That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.
~Emily Dickinson

11 Responses to “Sexy Surgery Gone RIGHT!”

  1. Dorothy said

    what an uplifting and wonderful thing to read…..I really feel so happy for you…so good to read it went so well, you deserve this!

  2. Hey, good for you! Hold on to hope 🙂

    I also had Bell’s Palsy that didn’t recover. Was over 10 years ago and I have gotten use to it now … just as long as I don’t laugh or smile, everything appears symmetrical. I also can’t blink, so I occasionally I get accused of winking – interestingly by both guys and girls – stupid facial nerve! 😉

    … that wink was intentional BTW!

    • PAZ said

      Thanks Mr. Sketch. I will.

      I had the Bell’s happen three times. Second time was the one that didn’t recover too well. Same here, if I don’t laugh or smile, all looks well. When I smile, my left eyebrow rises and other quirks. Oh well, I’m just glad one of the face problems has been amended.


  3. the howler and me said


  4. DeeDee said

    Yay, glad it went well! I was surprised my dental implant went so much easier the second time – I guess once you have it bad once, everything reasonably decent seems awesome!

    • PAZ said

      I know right? Last time was so traumatic that anything would be better. I know traumatic sounds like an exaggeration, but trust me, it was. I’ve had over a dozen operations, major ones included, and that one sucked.

      Glad your dental implant went well!

  5. Surgery gone right is always way better than surgery gone wrong. I’m glad you’re already feeling better.

  6. I have hope for you too, Paz the Brave!

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