Campus Crawlin’ – Part 2

November 25, 2012

Southeast Texas is beautiful this time of year. A lot of the coastal birds are filling the sky and chirping all around–on trees, light posts, stop light, electric wires (yeah), and big signs that stick out of shops.


I’ve been back in therapy since sometime in early July (or was is late June?), and I’ve taken a few snapshots when I get the chance to stick around for a while. It’s good to be able to do some art therapy right after psychotherapy  I usually stick around when I take the bus there. Last week my dad took me; the week before last, I didn’t go because I had surgery.

I took these sometime mid-October, soon after my birthday.


There are still more but I’m just putting ten for now.

Oh! I also started swimming again today! The water was freezing cold (not really). But last night, I had an attack of the mentals as Le Sailor might say. I don’t know what happened. It just came on so sudden. I’d been relatively stable–as in kind of “normal”, whatever that means. But the last few days have been strange, like a sort of spike. Here’s what I wrote on my Facebook page last night. I still don’t know how to describe this feeling.

“I feel strange. I can’t even put words to it. I hope it’s not the darkness and the PLDs settling in again. No, no no. I even yelled harshly at Luna for licking my nose. Of course I asked for forgiveness, which she immediately did. I feel a rage surging deep down within me though. I’m starting to sense that I can’t trust anyone.”

Fortunately, two of my lovely blogging buddies send me some comforting words. Thanks guys!


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Here’s where you can see the post Campus Crawlin’ – Part 1

NOTE: I didn’t watermark these because I think they look better without a big ole copyright sign on them and a big ole PAZZZZZZ. You know the Monkey Bee (see below) WILL STAB YOU if you dare copy these as your own. She don’t play.

12 Responses to “Campus Crawlin’ – Part 2”

  1. Love the shot of the woman looking at her phone with the fountains in the background. Nice work.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. saradraws said

    Love the one of the girl in the turquoise hoodie. Great colours, and great focal length. Also, I never watermark my stuff either. xo

    • PAZ said

      The pic of the girl with the hoodie is my favorite too! Second favorite is the girl laying out by the fountains. I think my stealth is finally improving!

      I’m working on the focal length/aperture/depth-of-field relationships. Can’t do that with a smartphone, even with all those cool apps! So a broken D70 works!

      Thanks ma’ lady!

    • PAZ said

      p.s. You do sign your sketches thought right? I put my signature only on some of them. heheh

      • saradraws said

        Nope. Don’t sign them. I once heard someone say that if it doesn’t add to the work, don’t do it. However, not only is that the tradition, it may also deter people from claiming it as their own, but I doubt it. If somebody is really eager to steal work, they will, no matter how many signatures or watermarks you use. Photoshop takes care of that.I really should put up a CC license on my blog and fanpage, though. Won’t stop theft, but at least I have precedent if I ever need to fight for my work.

        • PAZ said

          You don’t? Ever?! I could’ve sworn I saw your name on some of Le Clown’s blog’s banners…

          I agree about not using it if it deters from your work. I noticed my earlier photos on here were de-beautified by my watermarks, so I says fuck it. Plus I got my Monkey-Bee guarding the page.

          Yeah, if someone wants to steal it, they’ll do so regardless. I used to be fairly chill about this stuff until I had a bad experience. The fucking UNIVERSITY STOLE my drawing. Yep, “Campus Activities Board” made a huge poster outside of the University Center out of my drawing, no notice, no nothing. The only reason why I found out was because my friends told me, “hey, isn’t that your drawing. they stole your drawing!”

          I’m such a wimpy kind that I didn’t stand up for myself and demand they do something. It’s the cougar flying with the banner saying “Drop Tuition, Not Bombs” on my portfolio site. Remember? Yeah, that one. I did it for an activist organization I was in. We weren’t even part of the school really. Blegh.

          love ya xoxoxxx

        • PAZ said

          p.s. And you know what else? They erased the banner and put in a snow cone for Shasta’s Snow Cones (Shasta is the cougar/mascot). ha

  3. Great series of photos! Liked the one with the girl in the hoodie best. I’ve never been able to do street photography, always get worried someone will freak out if they see my photographing them.

    • PAZ said

      Thanks so much Mr. Sketch! That’s my favorite too. 🙂 I’m actually a very socially anxious person, so I get the same feeling when taking pictures like these, which is why I miss a lot of could-be good shots. I often retreat. I’m in a wheelchair too, so I can’t be so sly about it. I have to actually STOP my chair and maneuver the camera. lol. Thought I’ve gotten better at being stealthy! It takes practice to ease into it. Besides, I was using a telephoto lens, which makes it a hundred and two times easier since you can snap a shot like the hoodie girl from fifteen/twenty feet away!

      Hope you try it! Would love to see. I bet you have a good eye for photography. Your awesome drawings are well composed and framed. Much of photography is about composition, framing, balance, motion, etc.


  4. Victoria said

    Ahha! I found the other treasure… your photography.
    Great shots, PAZ.

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