Therapy Thursday: H-Town Downtown

November 29, 2012

I went to therapy today. We’re back on our regular Thursday schedule. I told my dad I’d take the bus but he said I was so humble about it that he would drive me there. We didn’t argue this time!

My next assignment for therapy is to work on logging down my interactions with my pops so we can debrief the next session. I told her about the nightmares I’ve been having. They pop up every other night. In my dream last night–or this morning rather–I was getting severely beaten. I won’t say by who. Luna heard me wake up screaming and rushed into the room with ears turned back. The fluff ball jumped on me and we cuddled. She’s so good to me.


Brunet Young is helping me get into a DBT group that should start in January. She found an outpatient DBT program, but it’s too many hours–it’s outpatient, almost inpatient and I no longer need to be outpatient (funny, when I needed it, I couldn’t get it). So she’s looking for a less intensive program. She’s also seeing if I can get into an animal shelter as a volunteer! It will be yet another support system to implement my therapy.

What else? I pulled a muscle this morning while rushing to the restroom. I think I’ll still go swimming tonight though; Mouse and I haven’t decided. Besides, no broken bones from yesterday evening’s fall is good enough for me.

I admit though, I shaved off my Movember Mousestache. It was getting real fuckin’ itchy. Anyway, here’s what I shot on my way back from therapy.

2012 (c) paz
Houston’s downtown.
Shot from the west-side of 59 with the HTC phone my bro’s girlfriend gave me.


For being the fourth largest city in the United States, we don’t have a very impressive downtown. Most of the buildings are scattered about like leaves in clusters, each cluster miles apart from the other. There is the medical center which is a downtown of its own, then there is uptown and midtown. I think if you combine the three, you’d have a hell of a downtown, but otherwise, it’s puny.

But this weather is nice. It was around 50F this morning and now it’s 68F. Beautiful.


Personally, Main Street downtown is very pretty since a lot of the buildings there are nineteenth-century and early twentieth century art-deco. Mostly though, there are just plain sixties and seventies post modern blocks with faceless facades. Houston grew with the baby boomers of the ’50s, the development of 1950s inter-state highway system and oil boom. There you go.

Mouse love

8 Responses to “Therapy Thursday: H-Town Downtown”

  1. Mari said

    I live 39 mi north of you, how wow is that!!!

  2. Houston has an awesome downtown. Go out to where the Astrodome and AstroWorld were and look back at downtown. It’s the best view as far as I am concerned. The same view gives you the Galleria, Houston’s second downtown.

    • PAZ said

      I have a few more pics I took that day that maybe I’ll put up. I’ll have to check out that view you’re talking about. I know there’s a wonderful view from the third-story balcony of UH-Downtown. I really want to go back up there and takes some shots. Too bad I didn’t have a camera or anything the day I was there.

      I think Houston’s downtown would look so much greater is all the other parts of it weren’t scattered, ya know?

      • If you go out on 610 where the Astrodome was, it looks like Houston has a downtown that covers 180°. It’s the best view. Whenever I had to drive from the Galleria over to Pasadena, I used to take 610 south just for the view.

    • PAZ said

      Also, when did you go to Houston?!

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