December 5, 2012

This was my VERY FIRST post here on WordPress. As mentioned before I started the blog in November of 2011 but didn’t get to publishing anything until Joaquin Luna died. This is his story and mine. I think those of you, my old followers will find this a good read. I hope. It’s very important to me and a very sensitive subject I hope to write about more. I guess I came into the bloggie world with a bang! hehe. Mouse love

Melancholically Manic Mouse

Joaquin Luna is no longer a kid, though he was when he was brought to the U.S..

He was an 18 year-old undocumented high school student, an A+ student before he shot himself a few days ago. Besides that, I don’t know the details of his suicide nor the circumstances the press wants to talk about and/or omit, and I sure as all hell don’t want to think about all of the political implications–all the petty, hateful online arguments about immigrants in the comment sections I used to read so much–and that, I presume, have been stirred by this kid’s publicized story.

I’ve been enjoying my media blackout lately and I hope to keep it that way for a little while, for my own sanity’s sake.

So, I honestly didn’t want to know much, if anything at all. Unfortunately, I could not resist my organizer friend’s Facebook posts and I read…

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    • PAZ said

      Thanks for reading Rose. That means a lot. This post was difficult to write and it marked the beginning of my journey here on bloggie land.

  1. Summer said

    Hallo there,

    I’ve a christmas card for you! : ) You can pick it up here
    Have a nice day

    Sweet greetings, Summer

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