Billie Billie Billie Blue

January 24, 2013

Remember when I wrote “I fuckin’ love Nina Simone”? Course you don’t, so I’ll remind you here.


You know who else I love? Billie Holiday. Yep, lady B. I love her wit, her style, her beauty, her voice and soul. I’ve started sketching again, along with all my other little crafts. Brunet Young calls them part of my “coping skills”.


I started this one on New years Eve. It’s a portrait. I usually don’t do portrait and honestly hadn’t done one in years–not a detailed one at least. But part of my inspiration came from Lunch Sketch here on words press. Check him out HERE, he’s incredibly talented.

My sketch, finished yesterday (I’d put it down after starting it on New Years and picked it back up day before last) is here!

I messed up on her face a bit, particularly her lips, and got lazy towards the end. Note the lazily done flowers.


Billie Holiday, pencil/graphite(c) 2013

Billie Holiday, pencil/graphite
(c) paz 2012


addendum: I have wonderful news I will share in my next post! Actually I have lots of news–great, not so great, in between and more. I’ve been out for so long it seems. But I’m glad to be back today.

13 Responses to “Billie Billie Billie Blue”

  1. Victoria said

    Exquisite. Can’t wait to go read your piece on Nina. I adore them both.

  2. Paz! This is awesome! 🙂

    The hair is amazing and I have no idea how you achieved that effect. What pencil/graphite do you use?

    I know what you mean about getting lazy towards the end of a piece. Happens to me sometimes too. After a few hours I often get to a point where I am happy with how it looks but just just want it to be finished.

    Again … awesome!
    Glad you are back.

    • PAZ said

      Thank you Mr. Sketch! It means so much coming from you. And yeah, after all the details, you kinda run at the end.

      As far as the hair–I LOVE drawing hair. This one was a challenge. I just used a set of Derwent soft graphite pencils and a .5 mechanical pencil.

  3. Amanda said

    YOU are incredibly talented.

  4. Reblogged this on sexinthekitchensink and commented:
    Beautiful portrait in pencil, done of Billie Holiday. Very Well drawn.

  5. Nice! I love Billie Holiday as well

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