I Dreams In Colors

July 28, 2013


Hello… hello …hellooooooooooooo.

I’m still here. Yessuh.

Is anyone still here?



I promise I haven’t been in a coma and I’m not dead yet (neither is Dotty FYI). Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Well, obviously I’m not blogging. It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I forgot my password a few weeks ago! (Yes I still log in to read some of your blogs occasionally). Anyway, I PANICKED! When does P not panic you may ask… Well, fuck, I didn’t NOT panic the day I logged in and couldn’t remember my password–had to go through the cumbersome ordeal of resetting my password and all.

Fortunately enough, I have a bank account now and I used the bank account password as my new WP password.

Fuck, where was I going?

Oh yeah, it’s 3am and the weekend. I’ve spent a lot of my time working lately, not just AT WORK, but even at home. Call me busy bee, or busy P or whatnot.

So, on my time off, I’ve been drawing again instead of blogging. These last couple of weeks I’ve been slacking off on the daily sketches. I was lying here, trying to get myself to bed, just puffing up my pillows, when I decided to doodle Little Luna from memory.

Maybe I’ll post some of the sketches I did last month and the one before and the one before that. I’ve just got too much to say and not enough time. Some not-so-nice things and some very, very nice things.

I’ve got a new “art” blog going, though I haven’t been updating on that one either. And I’m working on my website. Still in therapy, still swimming (even though I had to stop for a month).

I guess you could say I’m fairing well, mostly.

Night night.

Mouse love

Luna Sketch

“I dreams in color”
pen and ink © paz 2013

9 Responses to “I Dreams In Colors”

  1. Glad to hear from you, to know you’re still around, fighting the good fight. 🙂

    • PAZ said

      Glad to know you’re still around too. I’ve been meaning to email you I read you last post on Canvas and it made me sad. How are you feeling?

  2. Hello Mouse! Good to see you!!

  3. Hey P, nice to see your shining virtual face again! Hope this bodes well for more in the near future. I’m in Israel and just got bitten by something soft and squishy! Damn, I didn’t know such things existed here. Ugh.

    • PAZ said

      Where did you get bit? Where you in the ocean? I don’t think I’ll ever catch up as much as I’d like with my Canvas fam, but this will suffice.


      • I got bit right in my own bed (well, cot, really, but that’s another story). Since then I have discovered what it was that bit me. About 3/4 inch long, teardrop shape, whitish, scuttles on many dreadful patitas (or is it patitos, I forget?) and BITES! Damn! I squished the sonovabitch. I tell you what, one thing that gets my back up is uninvited critters in my living quarters. There are cucarachas the size of chihuahuas here. I’m not kidding. They are called “jookim” in Hebrew. That cracks me up, you know? I kills them.


        • PAZ said

          It’s “patitas” since you’re female, so yes, you got it correct. Oh GOT CUCARACHAS?! Do they fly all around?! Those are the WORST! I keep getting bit by mosquitos. It seems they all fly in the house straight for me because I end up with thirteen bites in one night and then ask my parents if they got bit. Nope.


          • That’s ’cause you’re sweet. In Hebrew they’re yetushim. We have cucarachas the size of volkswagons, call them jukim. Guess that’s cause they juke all around. They make a satisfying crunch when you whack the bastards with a dust pan. Then there’s these little shiny black flying things with stingers, I don’t know what they are but I stay far away from them!

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