Process of a Portrait

August 14, 2013


Meeeeow. Or squeeel or whatever noise melancholicallymanic mouses make. Most of the PLDs (Pretty Little Demons) are out on vacation so they can’t make much noise, at least not where I van hear.


So… As per my recent blogging habit, I’m actually going to be writing another post as I listen to Amy Winehouse while I actually share a post written started several months ago. It’s a drawing of—oh, AMY!

Why do I love Amy’s words, voice, vibrance of soul? Why do I find her so dear? Well, I think we could share a thing or two about our past troubles. Her voice spoke for me when I was mute, much like many of my favorite artists, especially female artists. Hold on to that note, that pencil, that piano love. It is what art does. It speaks. Or spits.

I did this one back in March or… April-ish I believe.

Sorry that the last pic is a bit blurry.

Mouse love!

2 Responses to “Process of a Portrait”

  1. Beautiful portrait. Oh Amy, why? Her voice was a trumpet pulling anguished beauty out of Hell. I used to think that in order to be an artist one HAD to have a tortured soul. Now that I’m fully medicated and usually am not serious about wanting to die, I never pick up a pencil or a brush, let alone any of the many musical instruments collecting dust in their corners. But without the medicated dullness….not good. At all.

    • PAZ said

      Thank you Laura lady. Have you heard “Love is a Losing Game”. That one’s been in my head all week. Now that I’m medicated, I don’t know what I feel. It’s tough to tell. But feeling out of control is no good either. I used to believe in the theory of the “tortured artist”. I still mostly do, but I think the explosion, excitement, and feeling ALIVE can come out of you as amazing art just as much as anguish, pain, depression and the urges to die.

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