Positive Affirmations

August 16, 2013

iphone rambles ©paz 2013

iphone rambles ©paz 2013


My 5 a.m. rambles from last night’s hypomanic induced sleeplessness.

3 Responses to “Positive Affirmations”

  1. Heh, I use my iPhone notes for this kind of thing too. How did you get the image on here? And Psssst…a tiny touch hypomanic? Or maybe just normal for you. If it was me, it would be. Hypo.

    • PAZ said

      For you it would be “normal” or hypo? Well, I heard voices Friday night and it scared the shit outta me! I had only heard something so clear a few times in my lifetime, though I wake to my own screams and hear a breif voice beside my own then sometimes.

      I’ve done so much this week. I’m having trouble sleeping again. 😦 But I feel excited! haha. Not to mention that I BLEW UP on Ruby and Canvas Saturday morning. :/ I cried nearly an hour. I still need to write Ruby back and apologize… Oh the apologies after impulsive acts! I’m also trembling form anxiety right now…

      So I don’t know. It is what it is.

      Oh… and the iPhone. You take what’s called a “snapshot” of your screen by pressing the center menu button and the top lock buttton simultaneously and quickly releasing! then I emailed the photo to myself. 😉

      Here’s a better instruction

      • Ah hah. Thanks for the iPhone tip. Sorry your brain has been misbehaving. Voices!!! That must be terrifying. Have you made a trip to your shrink-ola lately?

        Thank God Ruby is such an understanding person. I think she’s been through so much herself that she really has a lot of compassion for others, even when we lose it.

        I’m writing this on my iPad because my BRAND NEW MacBook Air is disintegrating bit by bit. First it was the sound, now it won’t do wireless. I’m in Israel so I can’t do anything about it till I get back to the states in a month, if I haven’t been gassed to death by then, which I have to say I don’t think that would be such a bad thing although of course it would upset my family. I’ve always been passively suicidal. I’ve never done anything on purpose but if something happens to get me, I’d be thankful for the kindness of getting me out of this painful life. Not a very good attitude, huh?

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