How I feel about my blog thus far…

August 17, 2013

This blog, like my other works, is a child of mine. It has been nourished from my mental umbilical cord. It is a living and breathing document of my life for over a year, one of which I had crashed again and nearly burned to ashes. I’m past the tragedies of 2012, but I’m also aware that they will never be erased from my memory no matter how much I want them to be sometimes.


How do I feel about my blog thus far? I feel like it has matured. It may well be a teenager; I can feel safe letting it wander on its own. It found a community, a family of friends; It has an extended family , one is called A Canvas of the Minds, a blog that allows those chronicling issues of their personal mental health experiences and general inquiries about mental health. And I do not know where the course of my blog (read: its little life) would be now without you readers or Canvas.

I don’t have to feed it, my little Melancholically Manic Mouse, any longer. I think this is one reason I have stopped posting as often as I used to (that, and my other life got in the way meheh).


Like all living things in life, it will eventually reach its end, it’s death to ashes in the Earth. But for the time being, it will be here and continue living.

It’s not saying goodbye forever, not just yet. No fuckin’ way.

mouse love.


addendum:  How do you feel about your blog’s life?

6 Responses to “How I feel about my blog thus far…”

  1. imnotsureyetactually said

    Blogs are mad things. My blog is just in it’s infancy but I’m proud of what I’ve made, on my minute corner of the internet. There’s great satisfaction there.

  2. I guess I feel similarly about my own blog. I don’t know, though, honestly. It’s a personal thing. The most intimate representation of me out there, yet it’s not tied to my “real world” identity. It’s because of the omission of the real-world identity that it’s as personal as it is.

    But I feel like my isolation gambit might have ruined it. Ruined the connections I made because I haven’t been in blogland as much as I should. I feel guilty for not keeping up with others’ blogs.

    For a long time, blogging was an obsession. I drove myself crazy trying to keep up with everyone, trying to post regularly. I initially started blogging for me, but then it became blogging for blogging’s sake. Now I’m back to blogging for me, which means I don’t post often. But I know if I ever emerge out of my isolation (and the mostly safe neutrality I feel along with it), I’d have more to say.

  3. Gabriel... said

    …I feel like my blog could, or should…. would be helping me if I could sit down and treat it as the recovery tool it used to be. But there’s just no time. It worked best when I was isolated from the world, but once I was able to engage the world — with a lot of help from the blog, my responsibilities now keep me from using it as a tool.

    btw: hi.

    • PAZ said

      I feel you. I think/thought/felt the same about my blog.

      Well, being engaged is what life is about, whether it’s engaged here less or more or not at all. If what you’re doing has been helping live life better then yeah, I say it’s not the tool it used to be. Maybe it will again sometime, in a different way? One thing is for sure, it’s not a “should” thing but a “Could” thing.

      I love reading from you. I was in very dark days during that time. We both had a major loss. I’m also engaging in life, have more responsibilities and am not so isolated from those days.

      And hey hey! 🙂


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