Sleet, Snow, Snot, Glitter and Goo

January 30, 2014


Yesterday I got to work from home again. Again, the weather dropped to the 30’s degrees F. Something all Houstonians aren’t accustomed to: schools being closed due to winter storms and sleet (tiny tiny sleet). Considering that I hurt my fractured rib coughing yet AGAIN, this was a good thing for me.

Houston’s weather has always been what I call “bipolar” in the winter, but this year it’s flipping so fast it’s like rapid cycling and the changes are as volatile as the dysregulated emotions of a person diagnosed with borderline personality disorder/emotional dysregulation disorder.


I took plenty of naps, risked a few minutes of my dad yelling at me for going out in the cold while I’m just getting over my cold to get these quick shots on my phone. I took some time to pamper myself and make sure I took my Mucinex for the cough and snot and whatnot.

Today I was off. Went to orthopedics for my fucked-up bone situation, hopefully the topic of my next post.

And… I’m being all girly with this glittery nail polish. I usually HATE glitter but I love this! Life feels good. I’m in a strange, uncharted territory. Le smile, le worry look, le sigh.

It’s 30 degrees this very moment but I’m in my room having cold sweats with muscle rub spread all over my ribs and back. Stinky and sweaty and achy. Ugh.

But alas, I’m in love. And love makes things more tolerable, makes the body stronger.

Well, looks like I’m going back to work on campus tomorrow to shoot an art gallery opening and do all the other things that I do and do not do. Better catch some zzzzzzzz.

Fuck you cold weather! Ted

Fuck you cold weather!

Mouse love,

6 Responses to “Sleet, Snow, Snot, Glitter and Goo”

  1. Victoria said

    I moved to Houston in the late 1970’s, from Florida. It does in fact have some of the worst winters of any other state I’ve lived in. Stay warm, any way you can! Looking forward to seeing the photos from your art gallery opening shoot!

    • PAZ said

      Hey Victoria!

      The winters here are usually pretty mild (by comparison to northern states), but the weather just gets so erratic in Houston. I mean, it’s 30 degrees one day and 70 the next. That’s hardly even exaggeration! I’ve been to Florida plenty of times. Definitely warmer in the winter.

      Thank you for your well wishes. And sorry I won’t be posting my art gallery pics on this blog. I might as a private post and give you the password. I still consider this blog “private,” as a means for me to share what I don’t in any other part of my life, so I keep from posting too much that will reveal my true identity. LOL. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared enough that someone can find me if they’re really looking. But for paranoia’s sake, I won’t post any photos from work on here.

      I DO have another blog i just started and that’s STRICTLY work related so I can send you that to your email or something and you can follow 😉


  2. Victoria said

    Hi Paz, I’ve been following this blog of yours for a while. About a year ago, you posted a sketch which I thought was phenomenal, and shared it with my family; they thought so too. Anyway… if you feel so inclined, my email is I totally understand the need for anonymity, and the desire, too. I would love to see your other work.

    Winters suck, in general, anywhere. Unless one is inclined to either snow skiing, or the Mediterranean…. or, suicidal ideation. 😀

    • PAZ said

      Of course I remember you Victoria. I remember you saying you shared that piece. It meant a lot. I’ve improved a lot since!

      Well, according to my therapist (former therapists ha), I’m inclined to suicidal ideation and winter still sucks. heheh.

      I’ll be sending you an email,

    • PAZ said

      Wait, why the Mediterranean? lol

      • Victoria said

        Because I imagine Winter doesn’t suck for those who enjoy winter activities, cold weather, or for the people who live, or ‘winter over’ in the Mediterranean. It’s currently 59F degrees there. My mind has been wandering in warmer climates these days.

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