These are other people’s awesome shenanigans blogs that make me laugh and/or think and feel most kin to.

Mental Health Related Blogs

“Much madness is divinest sense” ~ Emily Dickinson

“I hate the term Mentally Ill. I prefer to be called Mentally Interesting.” ~Anonymous

“That which you mistake for madness is but an overacuteness of the senses.” ~Edgar Allan Poe

  • BoulderThepist – a great list of mental health humor
  • Feel Good Tribe – “Think less. Do more. Let go…”
  • This Week In Mentalists – I’ll just quote from their about page. “This Week in Mentalists (TWIM) has been a fixture of the mental health blogosphere for several years. It was initially hosted at the late Mental Nurse blog, and latterly at The Madosphere, which is also dearly departed…TWIM is a weekly digest of selected writings from blogs across the Madosphere, our affectionate name for the mental health blogosphere.”
  • A Canvas of the Minds – “We want to use this blog to speak on the topic of mental health, through different voices and different perspectives.”
  • F*ck Feelings – Real advise from a real psychiatrist practicing therapy. Honestly, those are the only kind of psychiatrists I kinda like and am not suspicious of. Dr. Lastname got me with this: “If there is humor about illness, mental or otherwise, it is intended to help people bear it, not ridicule one who has it. This advice comes from an M.D. who knows, in his bones, how little control people have over illness and how much effort and courage it takes to live life in spite of it.” Fo’ real.
  • Mad In America (the blog)
  • Movies and Mental Health from PsychCentral
  • After Psychotherapy – from the guy that brought you the Movies and Mental Health blog
  • Borderline Blog
  • Psych DBT
Personal blogs with content on living bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, etc.

Humorous Blogs


Art/Illustration, Photography/Film and Multimedia Related…


These little sections I created are mainly for my use, so you can disregard them.

I’ll add more as I find new lovely reads. And if I’m following you or if I pet your page with my magically graceful eyes, feel free to link your blog in the comments below so I won’t forget you and so others can pet you too.

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