A Scene From Child-hood

Shots ring out past
the playground,
unzipping the air.

A block away, blood flows
down the sidewalk cracks
as the rats run out
to lick their
reddened creek.

With bloated bellies
they scurry
‘neath the
nearby cemetery’s mulberry.

Behind blue and black-belted men
and their blaring
two-way radios,

little bouncing heads,
like tied balloons,
the color of mud, of deadened
clay, of soot,
sway and totter
with bloated minds
that hurry


to adjust
into the frame
of a rolling camera.

© PAZ 2012

So I was just reading about this month being NaPoWriMo (http://www.napowrimo.net/) on one of the blogs I came across. I don’t even remember which one now. It’s like the NaNoWriMo in November. Basically, you write a poem a day for the entire month. Anyway, after reading about it, I wrote this today. Not sure if I’d do the challenge though I’m interested–we’ll see. It’s half way over with by now.

But if I do, this’ll be the first of the lot.