I meant to do this earlier but it’s been another long day folks. I went to therapy this morning. I tried to do this little photo retouching gig I got, I then went to a gym I was invited to (one of my mom’s friend’s).

There I swam my rage all over that pool. All that rage just spilled out of me like dozens of gallons of blood and dozens of gallons of pee turning the blue into red-pee until I couldn’t see anymore ’cause I didn’t take goggles with me and that shit burns in your eyes after a couple of laps. And when you can’t see anything anymore, you run into the other lane and hit your head and swallow all that red-pee water. That’s not even taking into account that my arm still feels like it could re-fracture any minute; that’s OI for you. In spite of all that, I’m a pretty damn good swimmer! Bet you didn’t expect that, did you? A mouse running laps in the water. Or maybe you did.

At least I’m busy and keeping some of the crazies out, but then again I’m a little scared that too much is happening all at once. I got a call from a non-profit I used to volunteer for. It was a good call but nerve  wrecking nonetheless. Then I got this aweful letter from the university saying they are going to take my $2,000 debt to the bill collectors because I’ve owed too long. What if they send someone to snap my neck in two?

That may be a good thing, but…

Oh jeezus!

Ok ok. Breath in. Breath out. Iiiiin. Ouuuut. Puff up, puff up the belly, round round, not the chest.

Ok. Ok.

I had two mini panic attacks today. Just had to make sure that wasn’t another one coming on.

Alright, here’s the deal. Dear Dotty Headbanger had nominated me and all of her other fans for the Golden Shatner Award for Blogger Awesomeness (GSABA). And even though she didn’t say it right out, she meant me in particular because she knows I’m her verdadera–that’s true and real–awesome fan, numero uno, none of these other clowns compare (you read that Le Don’t Compare Clown?).

Oh sheet, it's Shatner!

I nominate these people for also being awesome:

Awkward Elton
Howler and Me
Sailor Carrie
But I’m Beautiful (aka Beautiful Rose)

I was going to nominate the lovely Sarah Draws but I just noticed she nominated herself, so she’s out of the batch.

Nominees, apparently the rules are you should only–sucks I knownominate four people or something like that. I’m going to nominate myself twice however and add another four.

My arm hurts. I really did swim more than I probably should have so I’m keeping this short.

Oh sheet, it's Shatner again!

If you’re the first four to say anything on here, you automatically get in the second batch of the Shatner awards!

It’s so golden…