Silver seed erupts.
Light’s germ curls from utero.
Bloomed Moon cradled by Sun.

© paz



addendum: I didn’t even write this haiku with this “holiday” in mind; I’d written it yesterday on my phone actually. I was looking at the moon while at a graduation party. I was sitting next to a pool, legs kicking at the water and seeing the moon’s reflected light. So yeah wasn’t thinking about a holiday to honor mothers. Not at all. But maybe subconsciously there was something there which is why I’m adding it with a slight change. It’s funny that poetry works that way. I say it’s the writing form that taps deepest at our subconscious, for me at least.

So now that I think about it, Happy Mother’s Day beautiful mamas! If you’re a mama, you’re a mama EVERY damn day, and only you know what that means!

Here’s a brief RADICAL history of Mother’s Day. You non-lefty, non-radicals may also appreciate it.