I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities. ~ Dr. Seuss


To me, living is pure nonsense. With that, I’m not saying life is meaningless. It’s full of meaning! Exploding with meaning! We find our own meanings to life. It’s just that when shit gets so heavy, I kick off my shoes, fall out of my chair onto the ground and laugh hysterically. Of course, after laughter always comes tears. I guess that’s the “maniacal” part of the mostly melancholic Mouse.

Oh sheeit. Did Mouse just get a little philosophical here?

Gracias por este refran del Dr. Seuss querida Zen from Zen and the Art of Borderline Maintenance.