… a Mormon–or was it a Jehovah’s Witness?–yeah, a Jehovah’s Witness sees you taking pictures outside of your house and hands you a Watchtower magazine and asks you what you think of politics and religion’s role together. Shit, I shouldn’t have said anything because she went on to read me the scriptures and gave me a verse to prove that Jesus believed they SHOULD go together like merry little twins skipping on the sidewalk.

“It’s the ONLY way, as Jesus saw it. We shouldn’t base things on what we feel,” she emphasized. She had a point about feeling. In fact, mindfulness is partly accepting feeling without judging it; and, in a sense, feeling without judging the feeling is not “basing things on feeling”. But it’s the context that’s all wrong. This lady here thinks, oh never mind…

Is basing things on what we THINK ok? I wanted to ask but kept my mouth shut.

It’s a good thing I DO know my scriptures because when I was a Christian kid, a good little demonic Christian kid, I loved all of those stories–especially the GOREY ones–and I’d read them on my own, no need to ask me, I just read! And I’m sure Jesus is shaking his sweet bearded head right now like, “uh uh lady, that ain’t how it went and that IS NOT how I said it”.

Now, I like me some Jesus. But dear Lord have mercy on me (this is where I get my southern girl-like accent), them Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses just don’t shut the fuck up do they? Ever. The Witnesses need to get off the stand; ain’t no judge called them yet!

This just makes me want to replay, “Judith” by A Perfect Circle.

Anyway (sorry Mormon and Jehovah Witness bloggies, it’s true though). I took pictures this morning because again, I woke up at 6am all jittery, after only sleeping four hours. Blagh. I still feel like ripping my skin off! But I figured I’d get some things done and I did! I also went outside with my camera and my borrowed macro lens and snapped away.

I think I’ll start adding these to my Photos and Sample Work Page”



Some are overexposed. Oh well.


“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are” ~ Anais Nin


Introducing Little Luna

April 7, 2012

Pequeña Luna or Luna pequeña means “little moon” in Spanish.

She’s a silvery, silky white pomeranian with touches of gold-to-tan streaks sticking out of her back’s second layer of coat.

I took this picture back in December when my brother gave me the Nikon D70 they had abandoned at his workplace. It became my Christmas present. It was just there among the other equipment collecting dust, and since he’s in charge of the video/camera equipment and the company got him to order a new pack of gear for the team he’s in charge of–like fifteen grand worth of gear, including the amazing Cannon Mark II D5 (the Mark III just came out about three weeks ago)–he figured I’d make better use of it.

And I did!

I happen to love this scrap I got. Not all the scraps I get are meager I suppose.

I fell in love the night I got it. With my dad’s macro lens, I took pictures of leaves and beatles and the crystalline salt pebbles stuck on the edge of the salt shaker and little Luna’s crossed prissy paws with her black claws sticking out.

I took this particular shot of her on the twenty-seventh of December actually; it was the day before I left for Florida. I spent much of my time in Florida with it strapped around me.

I haven’t used it since I got back though.

The last time I really played with it was the day I broke my arm at L’s apartment when we were watching the Superbowl with a couple of his friends, particularly one he’d met at AA that he’d been wanting to introduce me to. I couldn’t care less about the Superbowl. I just sat there smug-like and shooting and shooting away. I shot L a few times. Now I can’t even look at those pictures. I’ll have to eventually, and when I’m strong again, I’ll pick that camera up off the ground where it’s lying in its pouched cocoon and I’ll forced it out of hibernation.

Little Luna. She makes me smile. She eases my pain.

Little Luna

This here be Little Luna, the cutest little betch ever