In my excitement I forgot that an executive order doesn’t necessarily guarantee proper implementation, or have immediate effect. Woops. haha. I guess there’s more fighting to be done. Well, there’s always fighting to to be done. And that’s just a reminder to myself to re-educate myself before I go writing overly excited WordPress posts.

I feel like I’m loosing my mind, agggggh, more so than ever.


Here’s a statement one of my dear friends posted:

This has the potential to be amazing news IF it gets effectively implemented on the ground. So the next 60 days shall be telling. Otherwise I am just reminded of past failed promises like Prosecutorial Discretion & the Morton Memo while the Dylans and the Andys and the Ramons and the Yanellis are deported every single day, and there is no room left in my heart for it to be disappointed yet again.

~ from my friend KB, one of the core members/founders of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA). (A complete statement can be seen on their website if you click the link)


I miss being involved. I miss my friend KB, though I did see her at Mansie’s birthday the week before last… I don’t remember now. But my head isn’t cut out for handling that kind of intense work these days.

I guess this is why I’m “borderline”. I’m easily excited and I’m easily torn. FUCK. Why do I have such an impulsive nature?


In other news, Luna’s paw is still very cute. These photos are fresh from this morning (my shutter is still a little messed up, but I got one or two focused the way I wanted):


June 14, 2012

Little Luna. She keeps commanding me to rub her belly and then blesses and dismisses me with her paw. Wish I wouldn’t have cropped part of her nails. Oh well.


… a Mormon–or was it a Jehovah’s Witness?–yeah, a Jehovah’s Witness sees you taking pictures outside of your house and hands you a Watchtower magazine and asks you what you think of politics and religion’s role together. Shit, I shouldn’t have said anything because she went on to read me the scriptures and gave me a verse to prove that Jesus believed they SHOULD go together like merry little twins skipping on the sidewalk.

“It’s the ONLY way, as Jesus saw it. We shouldn’t base things on what we feel,” she emphasized. She had a point about feeling. In fact, mindfulness is partly accepting feeling without judging it; and, in a sense, feeling without judging the feeling is not “basing things on feeling”. But it’s the context that’s all wrong. This lady here thinks, oh never mind…

Is basing things on what we THINK ok? I wanted to ask but kept my mouth shut.

It’s a good thing I DO know my scriptures because when I was a Christian kid, a good little demonic Christian kid, I loved all of those stories–especially the GOREY ones–and I’d read them on my own, no need to ask me, I just read! And I’m sure Jesus is shaking his sweet bearded head right now like, “uh uh lady, that ain’t how it went and that IS NOT how I said it”.

Now, I like me some Jesus. But dear Lord have mercy on me (this is where I get my southern girl-like accent), them Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses just don’t shut the fuck up do they? Ever. The Witnesses need to get off the stand; ain’t no judge called them yet!

This just makes me want to replay, “Judith” by A Perfect Circle.

Anyway (sorry Mormon and Jehovah Witness bloggies, it’s true though). I took pictures this morning because again, I woke up at 6am all jittery, after only sleeping four hours. Blagh. I still feel like ripping my skin off! But I figured I’d get some things done and I did! I also went outside with my camera and my borrowed macro lens and snapped away.

I think I’ll start adding these to my Photos and Sample Work Page”



Some are overexposed. Oh well.


“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are” ~ Anais Nin