Howl – A Haiku

December 1, 2012

Open moon sighs high.
Howling trees behind the mist.
Clouds beckoning me.


Open moon sighs high.
Howling trees behind the mist.
I feel all alone.


(c) paz
Taken with my phone last night.

Hammer, A Senryu

August 20, 2012

Hammer this iron,
this tongue. Oh murderous rage —
strike my scalding mold.

© paz


Thanks for the inspiration Le Sailor!


Youth eyes knowingly.
I am keen, keeping his pace.
Crisp pages, leaves fall.

I remember when
Pavlov’s bell rang. Salivate.
Poor conditioned dog.

© Paz


Today’s prompt is to write a poem that begins with the line, “I remember when.”

On Saturday, I spent the day with just myself and the dogs; my dad was out shooting a wedding and my mom was assisting him. My cellphone rang and Luna and her daddy started barking and jumping towards the front door.


Gonna rise above
days dawning. Skins crawling pure
morning. Rise above.



Meh. I’ll just straight up quote yesterday’s prompt verbatim:

“Yesterday’s challenge was a bit of a brain-burner, so I’ve made today’s a bit easier…Today, let’s go a bit further in our theft and write centos — poems made up entirely of lines from other poems.”

What I did though was instead of writing a poem from pieces other poems was to write a poem from some song lyrics out of two songs I had stuck in my head yesterday.

Black Flag – “Rise Above”

Here’s a video for Rise Above

Placebo – “Pure Morning”

Squashed fly, bug eyes, what
was your life like before you
lie flat on my floor?


© Paz

Thrown rag doll on roof?
No! Mexican jay’s basking
beyond the blurred wind.

© Paz

An erect penis!
In snow-caped hands, it quivers.
Impish grins breathless.

© Paz