I be P’s CopyRight Bouncer Bear, best listen.


My Avengers Review, part two will not be completed (I know big disappointment right–a little sarcasm). Wasn’t a popular post anyway, maybe offensive to some of y’all, but additions to the initial review will be made since I’d already written some of it. Apologies. So in case you did, for some reason, want to finish reading whatever will be left of the second part, you can go back and look at that post.

I and mouse are not going along so well at the moment. We may have played Russian Roulette and relapsed. Please listen to the bear while I’m out–a few days, weeks or who who knows how long. He’s a bit tough, grungy and grumpy so he’s not to be taken lightly, and neither is Miss Monkey-bee. Though they do both have kind hearts and are very sweet when treated with care.

edit: The post above this one is one I don’t feel comfortable having public yet (if ever) but feel free to email me and ask for a password, since I do want to share it with some of you if you would like to read (my pet bloggers). I may still make use of the “like” button from time to time. Also, I have gotten THE FUNNIEST search terms this week. I’ll have to share them when I’m back from the dead. Here’s a sneak preview of one I got yesterday: “simpsons old man shaking crutches”. And today someone actually searched for borderline personality disorder on an Avengers character! See I’m not too far fetched diagnosing the Hulk as borderline. Search term: “personality disorder of avengers characters”

Thanks for reading and for the kind advice some of y’all have given me when I wrote my last desperate post..